How to series episode 2: How to put together an instruction manual

Ah instruction manuals, the things that you toss aside when opening a new product. What many people don't realize is that if you do not read them, there is a 100 percent chance of a stupid mistake occurring. If you are someone that writes instruction manuals or wants to write instruction manuals for a living, consider this to be a guide on how to either make excellent instruction manuals or how to improve on making them. Thank me later.

Step 1: Get some paper

This step is very important as paper comes in many types. Make sure you use cardboard paper for your draft as everyone can see perfectly on it and it won't tear as easily. Put together more then enough pages as you may never know what could happen. However, most people will only use 3 pages at most so you should be fine.

Step 2: Write the manual

This is difficult for a lot of people so I will be very detailed. Write the manual as if you want to confuse people on how to put together the finished product. Make as many grammar and spelling errors as possible so that it looks like this for example. "Puuuuuutttttt te goomba on der bunghole. D nit leath ve goomba up your bunghole fas mdrf thg 0/0." Once the words have been placed, diagrams should come in afterword.

Step 3: Draw and put the diagrams in the manual:

A diagram is supposed to be a very confusing picture that can only be interpreted by monkeys on crack. Put many different diagrams in your instruction manual and slam them over your instructions in the process. Diagrams should look a little bit like a rough sketch of a product in phases with tomato sauce spilled all over it. The best manuals have the diagrams out of order which is easy for everyone to interpret.

Step 4: Put the finishing touches

Actually, this is optional if you want. If you followed the previous steps then you should be fine. If not, then someone should have smacked you as a child. Once any finishing touches are done, send your manual to the company that makes the product and you are on your way to helping more people attempt to assemble a Wii U into a PC. If there are problems with the manual or the product you receive, please call 1-800-you-suck and we will direct you to a tech center in India.


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