Top Ten Best Dumping Ground Characters

I love the dumping ground and i cant believe the list has not been made yet! personally Ryan is my favourite , but i would like to see what u guys think , let me know :) xx

The Top Ten

1 Ryan Reeves Ryan Reeves

Ryan is cute, mysterious, a troublemaker, mean but lovable, who can't like this guy - RyanReeveslover69

2 Harry Jones Harry Jones

He's SO cute! - RyanReeveslover69

3 Kazima Tako Kazima Tako

She is very caring and sweet I love kazima xx - RyanReeveslover69

4 Mike Milligan Mike Milligan

Mike has been here for so long! he's so nice with the kids and they all love him so much ( Ryan including I think ). - RyanReeveslover69

5 Bailey Wharton Bailey Wharton

Bailey is awesome and so funny - RyanReeveslover69

6 Tyler Lewis  Tyler Lewis 

I love Tyler, we have the same hair - RyanReeveslover69

7 Jody Jackson Jody Jackson

She is pretty cool, I love how her and Tyler are so close! :D - RyanReeveslover69

8 Ma-leigh Ma-leigh

I love ma-leigh, id choose her over Tracy anyday - RyanReeveslover69

9 Tee Taylor Tee Taylor

I'm a bit crossed with Tee, I like her some episodes but she can be kinda mean in some. - RyanReeveslover69

10 Floss Guppy

I HATE FLOSS! - RyanReeveslover69

The Contenders

11 Chloe Reeves
12 Sasha Bellman
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