Best Dune Books

We all know that the Dune universe is awesome. But which books are the most liked/well known?

The Top Ten

1 Dune

Big Bad Paul Atriedes comin' through! - TaylorD4533

2 Sandworms of Dune

My personal favorite only because the plot is great, and although Brian is nowhere near as good an author as his father, my favorite character in the series Duncan Idaho becomes the most powerful being in the universe, and it's really hard to dislike that. - TaylorD4533

3 Mentats of Dune

Another great book, also by Brian Herbert, it is the story of Gilbertus Albans, Erasmus's test and eventually friend/son (of sorts, robots can't have kids). - TaylorD4533

4 God Emperor of Dune

The Dune book with the most of my favorite character: Duncan Idao. Of course I love it! - TaylorD4533

5 Sisterhood of Dune
6 House Harkonnen
7 House Atreides

The story of Duncan Idaho as a kid. Hooray! - TaylorD4533

8 Dune Messiah

I like to think of these two as 1 book because they are both so short and they're stories go together perfectly. Anyway, they tell the tale of two most underrated characters: Ghamina and Leto II as children. - TaylorD4533

9 The Battle of Corrin

An amazing story of the spoken of (in the original 6 books) Butlirean Jihad, the 3 book, 2 century long war. - TaylorD4533

10 Chapterhouse: Dune

Because of the HUGE cliffhanger at the end and Frank's horrible death right before publication, this book has gotten lots of undeserved hate. Go Miles Teg! (although he has a rather sad death in Sandworms of Dune) - TaylorD4533

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