Top Ten Dutch Soccer Players of All-Time

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1 Johan Cruijff

No one player of europe

Amazing fornamornal ballon dor winner
Euro winner cup winner

The greatest footballer in history

He changed football world wide. To think he did not participate in the second world cup final in Argentina. Even without him Holland made the final game but lost to Argentina, the host country. That made two world cup finals Holland lost in the final game to the host nation.

He was voted player of the 74 world cup and in a poll was voted European player of the century. He was something else. Glad I saw him play.

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2 Arjen Robben Arjen Robben Arjen Robben is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich and is the captain of the Netherlands national team.

Arjen robben the best dutch footballer ever

Amazing dribbling skills 2nd best dribbler in the world right after Messi. Has the best foot I have ever seen (his left). Insane speed and stamina. Great playmaker. Creating tons of chances 151 chances created in 18.6 bundesliga matches in 2014/2015. His threat level pulls defenders like bees to him. I think he is after Cruyff the best player maybe tied with van Basten. He is suffering from injuries on a severe level just like van Basten, if he was never injured I have no doubt he would be the best in the world which now is Messi.

This guy has extreme dribbling skills, able to make almost impossible goals effortlessly, and he's the fastest player on the team. The only downside is that he sometimes doesn't pass when there are other players wide open near the goal.

Best player on bayern... And the world

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3 Dennis Bergkamp Dennis Bergkamp Dennis Nicolaas Maria Bergkamp is a Dutch former professional footballer, who is the assistant manager to Frank de Boer at Ajax.

God. His technique was excellent. His first touch was something of legend. He was a lethal goalscorer from outside the box. He was great dribbling with great control of the ball. He was skillful. He was just majestic

God, The Iceman, Non Flying Dutchman, Dennis - The Menace

The Iceman has got everything a team, like Arsenal needs. Why shouldn't he be like third?. He was like amazing with his skills, his shooting and has way more skill and experience than Van Nistelrooy.

Definitely best player to watch could go round ne one without breaking a sweat, but would pick van nistelrooy first he was the perfect striker.

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4 Robin Van Persie Robin Van Persie Dutch footballer from Rotterdam born on August 6 1983. Currently plays for the Turkish club Fenerbahçe S.K and The Netherlands national football team as the number 11. Robin Van Persie is known for playing for Arsenal and Manchester United, though his most notable goal was his header against Spain more.

By far the most talented Netherlands player ever. - quackerpacker

Robin van Persie scored 30 goals this season and that's a lot of goal

He is a dutch master with fantastic skill and classy finishing, probably the best dutch footballer of all time

Robin van persie is a wonderful footballer and he is able to score very classy goals and easily the best player in national team.

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5 Marco van Basten Marco van Basten Marcel "Marco" van Basten is a Dutch football manager and former football player, who played for Ajax and Milan, as well as the Netherlands national team, in the 1980s and early '90s as a forward.

Amazing player, hands down. A legend. - Metal_Treasure

Pure Killer. When looking purely at scoring goals and nothing else he might be the greatest in history... not just Netherlands but in the world. Only reason he isn't number one is because football also has other aspects next to scoring. But he mastered the most important one for a striker: scoring, making him top 3 in this list.

We will never know still had 5 good years in front of him.

Best player ever. Reason? Because if other players like messi, maradona or pele and many others had had the same problems of van basten they would have done another job.

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6 Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Great scorer,one of the best. Very good player.

The worlds most perfect striker, incredible finishing, faster than people thought and could beat any defender. Special.

Amazing. Outstanding. Spectacular. Ruud Van Nistelrooy is my favorite football player ever, from all ages, nations and teams.

One of the biggest strikers in history of football... One of a kind player! Amazing ability to score!

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7 Ruud Gullit Ruud Gullit Ruud Gullit is a Dutch football manager and former footballer who played professionally in the 1980s and 1990s as a midfielder or forward.

How can such an Iconic figures like Ruud Gullit, Marco Van Bastan and Frank Rijkaard who has played for the Netherlands' most successful era in football are not voted the top five of the list?
Wherever they played they won trophies.

He is the third best ever from theDutch

I always loved Ruud's distinctive look; of course, being a powerful player with versatility and strength in the air as well as classy skills made him certainly a top five player in Dutch football history (most other similar lists rate him from 3rd to 5th best). Cruyff, van Basten and possibly Bergkamp were better players than the 1988 European Championship winning captain; as noted before, he also won European Footballler of the year (and dedicated the 1987 award to Nelson Mandela while Mandela was yet in prison). A class act as a footballer.

How can a guy voted footballer of the year twice not be higher on the list. Milan were never the same without him, and sadly nor were holland

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8 Wesley Sneijder Wesley Sneijder Wesley Sneijder is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Turkish club Galatasaray and the Netherlands national team.

Sneijder is better player than robben.

Holland's greatest ever midfielder!

Wesley Sneijder is great for Inter Milan and scored 5 goals in the 2010 FIFA wOrld cup

A very underrated player!

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9 Edwin van der Sar Edwin van der Sar

Now, this is something: he even scored goals as a goalie! - Metal_Treasure

The best Dutch goalie... Attacking minded.

The best goalkeeper in the world

Scored goals with ajax as a goalie, what a man!

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10 Memphis Depay

Freekick Ability as David Beckham style & teammate holland at world cup 2014 Wesley Sneijder responsible for set piece & Freekick. I hope Memphis Depay can hardworking for holland in Euro 2020 qualification for positive result.

Just great!

Good dribbling 86%, sprint speed 88%, Long shots distance 85%, Team-mate in strike, amazing freekick ability 94%. Supersub Attack Winger in Euro 2020, Fifa World Cup 2022.

Great forward like cristiano but

The Contenders

11 Virgil Van Dijk

Young and outstanding

12 Ronald Koeman

Most scoring defender in all of history. Should be higher on this list. Only reason he doesn't get my vote is because I can only vote once, and that vote goes to the Dutch master; Cruyff

Best striker ever

I vote Ronald Koeman as number 1 defender [centre back] of Holland!

13 Johan Neeskens

Most sportive and agile player I've ever seen.

People are voting without seeing the games and without knowing the soccer history. He is the best creative player Dutch have ever produced.

Probably the second best player in the Dutch team of 74. Should be higher up the list.

Neeskens should be higher he was the perfect penalty taker and midfielder

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14 Stefan de Vrij
15 Patrick Kluivert

Are you serious? Patrick is not even top 5? This is craziness. He reached the 40 goal mark while playing fewer game than Van Persie. He was also all time goal scorer of the national team at a younger age. He was naturally gifted, better scorer, he could pass, his one touch. He was way more technical than Van Nistelrooy. I like Van Nistelrooy, but Kluivert was wayyy better. Without injury Kluivert would have been one of the all time top scorer in football history.

Are you serious? How could you omit Patrick Kluivert? Your list got to be redone. I am American, and I know well dutch soccer. Patrick Kluivert was one of the finest Dutch striker. In my opinion he was better than Van Nistelrooy, who is just a goal poacher. Kluivert was an all around striker. And he is the top dutch striker with 40 goals beofre he even reach 30.

Totally agree! It's a shame that somebody didn't have a clue when did this rating.

Definitely Top 10 stuff

16 Clarence Seedorf

He deserves to be in top 5

How many players win European cups with three different teams and the best European team until Barcelona

Outstanding midfielder. So much class and one of the most complete of his time.

He is the one I think

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17 Dirk Kuyt

The working class, best kind of player. Never stopped giving everything at Liverpool. Wish he'd stuck around.

No one gives as much as he does.

He did so good in the World Cup

LIVERPOOL, hattrick against Man you

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18 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

NL never gave him a chance

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has been an amazing player for Holland, AND my favourite team, CHELSEA!

Jimmy goal scoring was magic. He seemed never to rush when he scored was in a league of his own.

This attacker has been going around, scoring goals, making caps and helping his team.
I think that you should redo this list and put Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 8th on the list!

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19 Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Don't know why The Hunter is not utilised as much as Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie.. He is just 10 goals short to break Van Persie's record and 5 goals short to be the second highest Dutch goal scorer.. Gets very rare chance to compete but if given a chance there is always 80% chance of Hunter scoring whether it's a league game or nation game.

He has a better match to goals ratio for his country. Even better than Van Persie

Best Holland striker available but rarely gets the chance.

He is very good but isn't used a lot :/

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20 Willem van Hanegem

One percent is a bloody shame!

Best midfield player Holland ever had!

Underrated! Know your Dutch football!

Next to Cruijff the best ever.

21 Edgar Davids

He was an amazing footballer with lots of talented and beloved work.

Edgar Davids is one of the best

Edwin van der sar is better than edgar davis

Top notch!

22 Frank Rijkaard

Most complete player

One of the most elegant players ever, especially for a player who made his name in defense, and midfield. One of the best of the game ever. Also a class act, as he returned to Ajax at the end of his career, to finish it there.

The best defense midfielder ever

The best dmf in the history

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23 Daley Blind

Great passer of the ball

24 Mark Van Bommel

One of the finest in the business and a cheerful and talented striker

25 Rob Rensenbrink

Yes, under-rated but easily as skilful as Cruijff, never had the same overall dominance and influence on the game as Cruijff but, in terms of pure skill, he was as good as Cruijff. Unfortunately he will always be remembered for hitting the post in the final of the 1978 WC.

Most underrated player of all time. Equally lethal as winger and as a playmaker.

He was as good as Cruijff!

A great the Netherlands of the 70"s were never the same without him Rep Nesskens Haan Krol Van Hanegam and of course Cruyff

26 Rafael Van Der Vaart

Great painter of green field

Call him rafael van der fart

Can score on Tottenham and can score a FK

27 Frank de Boer

He was a good captain as well - Metal_Treasure

Nicer in the house

He made a brilliant pass to Dennis Bergkamp that went right over the field.
Then Bergkamp flicked it over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net!

From footballer to manager for Ajax, this man's been REEALYYY good!

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28 Steklenburg

I know he is a very good goalkeeper he is like Mexican goalkeeper in Brazil 2014 world cup if the ball gets shot at him he will save it.

29 Kevin Strootman
30 Jaap Stam

A man mountain. Good with the ball. Good with the man. Man Utd defense fell apart when he left.

Among most expensive dutch footballers.

31 Coen Moulijn

The only forward to challenge Cruijff and Neeskens


32 Georginio Wijnaldum
33 Abe Lenstra

This listing of Dutch football players is fantasy. For technical skills, Abe Lenstra was probably unequalled. He could dribble any opponent ( I have seen him play in his Heereveen time several times), without necessarily requiring speed like Cruijff or Wilkes. He would fake his movements sending his opponents left and right, going himself straight at goal. True, he was not the best team player.

That said, however much we like to do it, it is practically impossible to rank players from different time frames. Even players of similar age cannot be ranked precisely.

The best Dutch goal keepers? I tend to think of vanRaalte, who made it in the National Team rarely ( as Kraak was favoured) and possibly Meyling, who played in the second league (AFC), way below his standing. They were all amateurs!

Abe Lenstra was one of the greatest legends of Dutch football history.
During his career he scored 636 league goals, which makes him the greatest scorer of his country and one of the best in football history, verified 2nd only after Josef Bican.
According to estimations, his tally of official strucks is at least 830, more than Bican, Romário, Pelé.
His achievements are not recognised till know from any international football authority or statistics orgnization due to the structure of the Dutch football system of those years, based on regional leagues.
He has scored the same number of goals with Cruyff for the National team but in one game less.

700 goals - 730 matches, probably one of the best player of his time.

34 Jasper Cillessen

One of the best upcoming goalkeepers now that he will sign with Barcelona I think that he will a good goalkeeper for them replacing Bravo.

Nice skills
Very good goalkeepers
The one and only goalkepper before tim krul

35 Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff Hendrik Johannes Cruijff (1947-2016) was a Dutch professional football player and coach. As a player, he won the Ballon d'Or three times, in 1971, 1973, and 1974.

He is the best!

36 Quincy Promes
37 Giovanni Van Bronchurst
38 Marc Overmars

Should be in Top 10

HE is easely Top 5

One of the fassest en skilled driblers ever

39 Jan van Beveren

The very best best keeper who didn't play for the national team and could have won it for them. Because pain in the ass cruif didn't like him

40 Faas Wilkes

Selfish but one if the greatest individual players ever for the dutch. Unfortunately, there is not more video footage of him and Abe Lenstra on the web. Otherwise I believe the newer generations would have them ranked higher on this list.

41 Michel Vorm

FIFA 14 rating 80

42 Piet Keizer

The absolute best left winger; his scissor move is legendary, and for good reason. Unfortunately he never did well outside of Ajax.

43 Hans van Breukelen

Dutch's best goalkeeper they've ever had. Don't forget what he did in 1988. For both the Netherlands and Psv eindhoven! - nightwolf2350

44 Ron Vlaar
45 Siem de Jong
46 Ibrahim Afellay

Great dribbler

47 Pierre van Hooijdonk
48 Johnny Rep

One of the best Dutch footballers

Yay he and Cruyff kept scoring also he played with Nesskens Haan Resenbrink and Krol


49 Tim Krul

Saved last penolty against Costa Rica and won the match for them

50 Willy van der Kuijlen
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