Top Ten Dutch Soccer Players of All-Time

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21 Daley Blind
22 Willem van Hanegem

One percent is a bloody shame!

Best midfield player Holland ever had!

Underrated! Know your Dutch football!

Next to Cruijff the best ever.

23 Frank Rijkaard

One of the most elegant players ever, especially for a player who made his name in defense, and midfield. One of the best of the game ever. Also a class act, as he returned to Ajax at the end of his career, to finish it there.

The best defense midfielder ever

The best dmf in the history

Best middlefield ever

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24 Mark Van Bommel

One of the finest in the business and a cheerful and talented striker

25 Rob Rensenbrink

He was as good as Cruijff!

A great the Netherlands of the 70"s were never the same without him Rep Nesskens Haan Krol Van Hanegam and of course Cruyff

26 Rafael Van Der Vaart

Great painter of green field

Call him rafael van der fart

Can score on Tottenham and can score a FK

27 Frank de Boer

Nicer in the house

He made a brilliant pass to Dennis Bergkamp that went right over the field.
Then Bergkamp flicked it over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net!

From footballer to manager for Ajax, this man's been REEALYYY good!


28 Steklenburg

I know he is a very good goalkeeper he is like Mexican goalkeeper in Brazil 2014 world cup if the ball gets shot at him he will save it.

29 Kevin Strootman
30 Georginio Wijnaldum
31 Jaap Stam

A man mountain. Good with the ball. Good with the man. Man Utd defense fell apart when he left.

Among most expensive dutch footballers.

32 Coen Moulijn


33 Jasper Cillessen

One of the best upcoming goalkeepers now that he will sign with Barcelona I think that he will a good goalkeeper for them replacing Bravo.

Nice skills
Very good goalkeepers
The one and only goalkepper before tim krul

34 Quincy Promes
35 Abe Lenstra

700 goals - 730 matches, probably one of the best player of his time.

36 Jan van Beveren

The very best best keeper who didn't play for the national team and could have won it for them. Because pain in the ass cruif didn't like him

37 Marc Overmars

Should be in Top 10

HE is easely Top 5

One of the fassest en skilled driblers ever

38 Giovanni Van Bronchurst
39 Piet Keizer

The absolute best left winger; his scissor move is legendary, and for good reason. Unfortunately he never did well outside of Ajax.

40 Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff

He is the best!

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