Top Ten Dutch Soccer Players of All-Time

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41 Hans van Breukelen

Dutch's best goalkeeper they've ever had. Don't forget what he did in 1988. For both the Netherlands and Psv eindhoven! - nightwolf2350

42 Faas Wilkes

Selfish but one if the greatest individual players ever for the dutch. Unfortunately, there is not more video footage of him and Abe Lenstra on the web. Otherwise I believe the newer generations would have them ranked higher on this list.

43 Michel Vorm
44 Ron Vlaar
45 Siem de Jong
46 Ibrahim Afellay

Great dribbler

47 Pierre van Hooijdonk
48 Johnny Rep

One of the best Dutch footballers

V 2 Comments
49 Tim Krul

Saved last penolty against Costa Rica and won the match for them

50 Willy van der Kuijlen
51 Sjaak Swart V 1 Comment
52 Nigel de Jong

He almost Killed Alonso in 2010 world cup

He is one of my favorite player

No Skill, very aggressive
Nearly killed Alonso - deserves a lifetime ban
I doubt that he even knows how to play
He only knows how to do fly kicks on other players

What did you do to his name? Its Nigel de Jong. You can't just start changing names dafuc?

53 Luuk de Jong

Great player one of the best forward

54 Gregory van der Wiel
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