Top Ten Dwarves In The Hobbit Movies

Which of the dwarves were the best in the incredible Hobbit movies?

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1 Thorin Oakenshield

Kinda obvious, considering he is the most important. He's basically the new Aragorn.
The leader of the company, determined to take back the Lonely Mountain. Powerful, courageous, smart, yet he doubts Bilbo. - Blubbydubber1

He is the most important dwarves - Ajkloth

2 Kili

I loved kili and was upset that he died and is good where he had is in 2nd place to be honest

Aidan as kili is a joy to watch! Real breakout performance.

Kili shouldn't of died, he were the best character, and the youngest. Kili's death made me extremely upset.

Aw I watched him die yesterday. Heart breaking.

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3 Fili

He's the next heir to the throne. And for good reason, too. - Blubbydubber1

Love him and kili

I love how he uses dual-daggers, but Fili and Kili shouldn't die.

Kili and Fili are so amazing they should not have died

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4 Bofur

Easily one of the more likeable dwarves, and a good friend of Bilbo. - Blubbydubber1

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5 Balin

An old friend and cousin of Thorin, and a witness of the Dragon's attack on Erebor, mentioned in the Fellowship of the Ring. - Blubbydubber1

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6 Gloin V 2 Comments
7 Dwalin

A cousin of Thorin, and arguably the most dangerous dwarf of all. - Blubbydubber1

8 Bombur

An immensely fat dwarf who is overly fond of food. - Blubbydubber1

He is fat but also brave

9 Ori

The youngest dwarf, coming along with Nori on the journey. - Blubbydubber1

Probably the most polite dwarf (apart from maybe Thorn and Balin)

"Sorry to interrupt, but what should I do with my plate? " - IronSabbathPriest

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10 Nori

A wandering rogue, commonly known as the "Starfish" dwarf. It's easy to see why. - Blubbydubber1

The Contenders

11 Bifur V 1 Comment
12 Oin
13 Dori
14 Thror
15 Dáin

He is a good fighter and leads a kingdom which deserves at least more than the fat one seriously?

16 Thrain
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1. Thorin Oakenshield
2. Kili
3. Fili
1. Thorin Oakenshield
2. Kili
3. Fili
1. Balin
2. Thorin Oakenshield
3. Fili



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