Top Ten Dynasty Cat Fights

Who didn't love dynasty! But the best part where those catfights!

The Top Ten

1 Krystle Vs Alexis (studio)

The first catfight btween these 2 in the studio! - Cartermd

2 Alexis vs Domunique

This was an awesome fight btween these two! - Cartermd

3 Krystle vs Alexis (Lily Pond)

The mermroable fight with these two in the lily pond! - Cartermd

4 Krystle vs Rita

Krystle fights her imposter Rita! - Cartermd

5 Krystle vs Alexis (the reunion)

The final catfight with these two in the Dynasty reuinion! - Cartermd

6 Sammy Jo vs Fallon

Love this fight when the fight in the mud and water! - Cartermd

7 Alexis vs Dex

I know this isn't really a catfight but its funny how dex fights alexis back like a woman! - Cartermd

8 Krystle vs Alexis (the hillside tumble)

This is a really funny one when they slide down the muddy hill all dressed up! - Cartermd

9 Amanda vs Sammy Jo

This is pretty funny when they fall into the pool and fight! - Cartermd

10 Alexis Vs Sable

Things get a little too tenses with these two bickering cousins! - Cartermd

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