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The Top 10 Songs by Dyro. Please vote and provide your comments.

The Top Ten

1 Leprechauns and Unicorns Leprechauns and Unicorns

Leprechauns and unicorns is better than iron! It must be 2nd or third!

The most hard hitting banger by Dyro

2 Never Say Goodbye Never Say Goodbye

The best ever song by Dyro!

3 Iron (Dyro Remix)

Has a real sick tune!

4 Grid Grid

A must hear one from Dyro

5 Go Down Go Down

One of Dyro's biggest hits.

6 You Gotta Know You Gotta Know

Awesome vocals! Great backdrop! This song is great!

7 Alive Paradise (Subtec Mashup)

Tiesto and Dyro rock the beat while Krewella nails the vocals!

8 Black Smoke Black Smoke

The most anticipated song of Dyro which turned out very well

9 Daftastic Daftastic

One of my top 3 favorite Dyro songs. It reminds me of Daft Punk's Derezzed...

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10 Ghost (Dyro Remix)

The Contenders

11 Sunrise (Dyro Remix)
13 Kontiki (Dyro Remix)

This is the best remix song done by Dyro

14 Sky High Sky High

Another amazing one by Dyro! Fantastic vocals!

15 Afterglow (Dyro Remix)

A very good remix by Dyro! The original song itself was a huge hit!

16 Right Now (Dyro Remix)
17 Centre of the Universe (Dyro Remix)
18 Dance the Pain Away (Dyro Remix)
19 Carry Me (Dyro Remix) Carry Me (Dyro Remix)
20 Sounds Like Sounds Like

This was only released on Beatport, but in my opinion this is the absolute best Dyro song, if not the best EDM/electro song recently. It's extremely unique.

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