Top 10 Most Dysfunctional TV Families

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1 The Griffins - Family Guy

The Griffin family make the Simpson family look like the Cosby's in comparison, everyone constantly hate on Meg, Chris once had an evil monkey living in his closet, Stewie is a Evil genius who spent a lot of the first couple of seasons trying to kill Lois, Brian is a unsuccessful writer who who is really bad with woman, Lois has done a lot of things unbecoming a mom like the time she became a klypto and ended up in jail and Peter is always getting mixed up in some crazy shenanigans he treats the whole family like crap he farts on Meg even at one point he admitted that he hated spending time with the kids, he's destroyed Cleveland's house on many occasions even at one point accidentally killed Lorett, but perhaps the best example of their dysfunctionality is in the episode "Lethal Weapons" were the whole family gets into a huge brawl that can only happen in a Family Guy episode.

This family has no responsibility and all they do is let swear, fight, and not understand how people feel. Seth Macfarlane you really need to make this family get under control just so you can understand how people feel

This show needs to get under control and make The Griffins understand how other people feel

Peter once tried selling buttscratchers! That just sums up how screwed up these people R.

2 The Bundys - Married With Children

"It's not the outfit that makes you look fat, it's the fat."

3 The Simpsons - The Simpsons
4 The Wilkersons - Malcolm in The Middle

Lois yells too much and Hal... I don't know what to say, Reese keeps bothering Malcolm and Dewey and Dewey's the smart one. One time when these girls came to their houses, Reese, Malcolm and Stevie ( I was about to forget his name) LEFT THE HOUSE WITH ONLY DEWEY AND JAMIE THERE! Well Lois was upstairs sleeping on the floor while Hal gets accused on shoplifting and has to work with the other people. Then they get revenge on Craig! The girls wanted to kiss Reese, Malcolm and Stevie in front of their boyfriends! I mean why would they leave Dewey in that house? And ANOTHER EPISODE WHEN THE FAMILY WENT ON VACATION WITHOUT HIM AND THERE'S THIS BABYSITTER... THEN SHE DIES! WHILE SHE WAS TOOK TO THE HOSPITAL DEWEY WENT ALL THE WAY TO China TO CATCH HIS BALLOON! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM! Well Dewey was sick but they HIRED A BABYSITTER THAT WAS TO OLD! Dewey is only the good character in this show.

5 The Bluths - Arrested Development

The father's in prison. Nobody but Michael has a respectable job. The Mom is mean to everybody and everybody is mean to Buster. George Michael has a crush on his own cousin. And Tobias...let's not go there.

6 The Gallaghers - Shameless
7 The Osbournes - The Osbournes
8 The Whites - Breaking Bad
9 The Addams - The Addams Family


10 The Kardashians - Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Why aren’t they first?

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11 The Ozai Family - Avatar the Last Airbender
12 The Freemans - The Boondocks
13 The Louds - The Loud House
14 The Thomsons/Shannons - Here Come Honey Boo Boo
15 The Wolfes - Rocko's Modern Life
16 The Golds - Hardcore Pawn
17 The Hecks - The Middle

Have you seen these people!

18 The Conners - Roseanne
19 The Collins - Dark Shadows
20 The Lopezes - George Lopez
21 The Bankses - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
22 The Baroneses - Everybody Loves Raymond

How was this not on here?

23 The Turners - Fairly Odd Parents
24 The Harpers - Two and a Half Men
25 The Cleavers - Leave it to Beaver
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