Top Ten Dystopian Novels

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21 Metamorphosis
22 Legend V 2 Comments
23 The Handmaid's Tale

The amount of ridiculous dystopias on here is unreal. Matched, Divergent, Delirium? Really? There are some decent new dystopias, like The Hunger Games and Maze Runner, but still. Why is this list dominated by dystopian novels no one over the age of 13 would enjoy?

24 The Road
25 The Long Walk
26 The Stand - Stephen King
27 Anthem
28 Feed
29 The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare

Best series ever

30 Delirium

This is the best book for me. Divergent comes next, then Hunger games.

V 2 Comments
31 The Gunslinger
32 The Testing
33 Uglies

This book is awesome...I like the story line as it is pretty different from other dystopian novels.

I'm sorry but It's impossible for me to take a book with that name seriously.

34 Life As We Knew It
35 Shatter Me
36 Allegiant

So Insurgent was not as good as Allegiant, Allegiant by Veronica Roth is part of the Divergent trilogy, and I completely hate how rude these people leaving comments on Divergent and The Hunger Games are thinking that Brave New World is better than Divrgent and THG! Get some sense...

JUST. NOT. GOOD. - natalily

37 Selection Series

I had no clue this was a dystopia. Then again, I haven't read it in years. - Elric-san

America spends too much time going, "I love him, I love him not". Nah. - natalily

I love love love this series team maxon

38 The Time Machine
39 Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

This book is amazing! I loved it. Read all of them! - SaoirseSeal

40 Caesar's Column
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