Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Conference Sucked

So far E3 2019 has been a little disappointing. The only reasonable E3 conference this year so far was Microsoft’s. That one was really good. Bethesda’s was meh. I expected more tbh. But Ubisoft’s E3 conference this year was really bad. I was really disappointed. So why was it disappointing? Well let’s just talk about what was revealed. To start off the show was an Assassin’s Creed Symphony. Sony E3 2018 Flashbacks..!!!.! JK. Well the performance was fine I guess. Then Ubisoft revealed some new information on they’re biggest upcoming title. Watch Dogs Legion. This looks pretty good. Between this, and another game that was revealed, this was the best thing about the conference. But i’ll wait for reviews. Then this is where the press conference starts to go down hill. Ubisoft revealed a brand new Tom Clancy game. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Protical: Breakpoint. Looks, eh. Then Ubisoft decided to focus the conference on everything Tom Clancy. Seriously, there was so much Tom Clancy. DLC for thisTom Clancy game. How about this DLC for this Other Tom Clancy game. How about some more DLC for another Tom Clancy game? Oh wait, how about a Tom Clancy Mobile game? It was too much. And they focused on it too much. This was the biggest problem with the conference. Also, why was a tv show revealed at E3? Shouldn’t that be saved for something else?

So what else was revealed? Well that supposed leaked Ubisoft IP, Roller Champions. It honestly looks eh. I wasn’t really interested in it that much. It looks like Rocket League, but with no cars, no giant soccer ball, and replace it with humans and roller skating. Not really interested in that Tbh. There was also some new Brawlhalla content with Adventure Time characters. As cool as Adventure Time is, Brawlhalla is honestly not that good of a game. There was also Just Dance 2020, the same game that everyone gets sick about. Oh, and it’s not releasing on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. It’s releasing on the Wii. Lol. And guess what? The dancing panda returns on stage. And some more cringy dancing. And some dlc on For Honor. But the final game that was revealed was a new game called Gods & Monsters. Looks interesting. I’ll wait for gameplay. And... that’s it.

Overall, this conference was a huge disappointment. Too much focus on Tom Clancy games, and mediocre announcements. The only thing I liked about the conference was Watch Dogs Legion, and Gods & Monsters. What a disappointment this conference was. Well the final 2 conference starts we have are Square Enix’s, and Nintendo’s. Hopefully those don’t suck.

Final Score: