Top Ten Early Song Examples for Metal Genres

The Top Ten Early Song Examples for Metal Genres

1 Stargazer - Rainbow (Neoclassical)

Highway Star came before this song. It had neoclassical elements. - zxm

This song doesn't seem like a neoclassical metal song to me. I'd say its more like power metal (because of the solo). - zxm

I'm glad this song is at #1 but I wouldn't say it's neoclassical. Stargazer is a unique song that touches on several subgenres. It introduced epicness at all levels - from composition to vocals and drumming. Brief analysis of this song:
Tempo: mid-tempo (this speaks traditional metal)
Feel: epic
Arabic scales: they set a progressive sound (R. Blackmore included arabic scales because the song is about Egypt)
Lyrics: fantasy, history, mythology (this speaks power metal)
So I would say this is an epic traditional metal song with elements of progressive and power metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Highway Star - Deep Purple (Speed)
3 A Light in the Black - Rainbow (Speed)
4 Burn - Deep Purple (Heavy Metal)
5 Symptom fo the Universe - Black Sabbath (Thrash)

Oh Yes... I made this list when I was a newcomer who believed everything about this song

6 Dissident Aggressor - Judas Priest (Thrash)

I love this song related to speed and thrash metal. Overall it's a very Deep Purple-ish song: especially the intro which reminds of Highway Star a lot, and some other parts are also Purple-esque. I don't blame Judas Priest - all bands trying to become metal bands in the 70s were influenced by Deep Purple and Rainbow. Highway Star was the most important song for speed metal and indirectly, via songs like Dissident Aggressor, for the future thrash. Thrash is speed metal + hardcore punk. - Metal_Treasure

It even got covered by a thrash band (Slayer) - Brobusky

7 Warrior - Riot (Power)
8 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen (Thrash)

First Thrash Metal song
no doubt!

9 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen (Speed)

Stone cold crazy is a an example of thrash metal not speed metal. - zxm

10 Child in Time - Deep Purple (Progressive)

The Contenders

11 Eyes of the World - Rainbow (Symphonic)

An awesome song from 1979 with no weak spots. They didn't use a symphonic orchestra but the symphonic vibe is there start to finish and I wonder how they did it! - Metal_Treasure

12 Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath (Doom)
13 Kill the King - Rainbow (Speed)
14 Witching Hour - Venom (Black)
15 Set Me Free - Sweet (Glam)

The Sweet were part of the glam rock scene but the music to this song isn't glam metal. It's just metal. Moreover, this song is a rip off of "Flight of The Rat" by Deep Purple. - Metal_Treasure

I thought glam metal isn't a sub-genre of metal. - zxm

16 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath (Progressive)

Is it progressive metal? - zxm

17 Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple (Speed)
18 Stormbringer - Deep Purple (Gothic)

It was called by the experts a gothic metal treasure. - Metal_Treasure

19 Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep (Heavy Metal)
20 Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf (Heavy)

Love that song - zxm

21 Free Me Now - Accept (Speed)
22 Difficult to Cure - Rainbow (Neoclassical)

I'm sure this is neoclassical - it's an instrumental and is a metal cover of Beethoven's Ode To Joy. I love this experimental song and I would recommend to give it a listen - Ritchie Blackmore guitar work is incredible. - Metal_Treasure

23 Eyes of Fire - Rainbow (Power/Symphonic)
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