Top 10 Earth Elements


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1 Fire

Kai is Fire, Jay is Lightning, Zane is Ice and Cole is Earth. Ninja Go! - JandS3000

Fire is the strongest element I ever know : Water is weak, Air is strong but not like fire,earth is like a fat lazy guy and lightning is a little bit stronger than air

Fire is the best! - Adamshane1999

Fire is the best!

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2 Lightning

It's so fast... Its like invisible attack

Lightning is super fast, its popular. it is powerful, ITS AWESOME! - DZCool10

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3 Air

Wind can blow fire, earth can't block it, and water can't do anything to it and its virtually impossible to "hit"

Air is the strongest element ever! A fire can't defeat it, even a water can't! It can blow fire and it can dry water.

Air is very strong because we breath it without air we will all suffocate and die.

Air can blow fire and waves in water occurs due to wind

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4 Water

It's the most essential without it we can't live

Only water benders can heal and also bloodbend which even the avatar has trouble with! - cussMaster

5 Earth

We can't live without it.

Exactly there would practically be no other elements if not for earth,it is the chief of the the elements

Earth is strong
Vital for other life
Can take many forms...
From sad, mud and clay
Offers stability
Can be burned and recover
Absorbs water
Can shift because of air or simply withstand it
Earth is indestructible...

6 Metal
7 Ice
8 Shadow

Shadow then fire, after that is lightning

9 Blood
10 Light

The Contenders

11 Darkness

I light the darkness. Some people are scared of it but I feel safer in the dark than I do when a room is flooded with light. - Catlover2004

Darkness is peace, satisfaction, happiness, and the more I enjoy it, the more I fall in love with it.


12 Sky

This power controls the air, the wind, lightning, storms, tornadoes, and even hurricanes. You cold use the air around you by taking it away from someone or making yourself fly. You control lightning and can make it strike down on people. You can make any storm, such as thunderstorms, snowstorms, blizzards, hailstorms, and lightning storms, just to name a few. And with really strong wind, you can make tornadoes. This combined with storms can make a hurricane.There is more I could write, but that would take forever. So lets just leave it at this: The sky is the best power!

How is this not the best? People, the sky is a lot of things. Its air plus lightning plus storms plus tornadoes plus hurricanes. A tornado sucks the fire and makes fire tornado. But the sky person would control it. Lightning is much stronger then any other elements. The only good elements are sky, air, and lightning. - AbduZine

13 Holy
14 Soil
15 Wood V 3 Comments
16 Iron
17 Ether
18 Rock
19 Snow
20 Plant
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