Air and why it's awesome

When the question about your favorite element comes up, what would you pick? Fire, am I right. I mean, it can destroy and it's the most powerful element.
But like the title suggests it, my all-time favorite is the element of air. Air has everything, that can make a element the best, and even more.

Air is made out of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other elements, including carbon, CO2 or hydrogen. As you may know, air is in the entirity of our surroundings, while having no colour, smell or taste, which makes us think it does'nt even exist most of the time. Some might not even know that it has an weight.

Moving air is known as wind. It is the only form of air, that we really notice. Air might not be as heavy as earth, but when having an momentum, it can even move an entire tree, only because of how much there really is. This can make air dangerous, because if it gets an high momentum, air can be a storm, or even more known for destruction, a tornado. Just think about it for a second, the air surrounding you, is the same air, which can transform in an tornado, destroying entire landscapes.

Air is the assasin of the elements, it is everytime there, without you noticing it, but it can kill you, if it wants to. This is downright scary to begin with.

Some of you may argue, that other elements can beat air. This wouldnt applie to fire, which you can blow out with, you guessed it, air. Other elements are not beaten by air, but they only exist because of them. Without an atmosphere, being made out of air, there would'nt be any clouds. And without clouds, there would'nt be lightnings. Without an atmosphere, water could evaporate into space. That means oceans would not exist, and no water. Fire only burns due to oxygen.
Air is not the cause of earth, but all of this makes air essential and superior to other elements.

Fire may be the most used element in all of media, but air also has some high points. The stereotype of the cold and cool boy from anime comes first in my mind. Besides of this some of my favorite aerokinetics are Lilica Felcherow from Arcana Hearts 3 and Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts 2. Lilica is the essential anime stereotype of the girl, which just wants to have fun and hates school. She's the fastest character in one of the fastest fighting games, I played so far. Her Arcana gives you one more action in the air. Its my main arcana, when playing as Scharlachrot. But even more of an aerokinetic is Xaldin. Xaldin wields 6 lances, which he controls, by using the wind. This allows him to form an tornado, fall from the sky or creating an hydra out of lances and wind.

However, air is essential to our life. Like I said, without it, we would'nt exist. We can only survive 15 minutes without air. You can survive multiple days without drinking something, but not without breathing. Air is also the force, which causes all types of weather. Wind is together with the sun, the only things taking influence in it.

Air was one of the original four elements of greek philosophes. This makes it far superior to other elements, including lightning or metal, which came after them.

During a lot of time, people started wondering about birds and how they fly. Leading to the question, if the human can do that to. After years of experiments, which made some of the most interesting protypes for a plane, including human wings or simply everything Galilei made, the Wright Brothers invented the plane. Even if flying only a few metres, they were the first succeding in conquering the air.

All of that and maybe even more make air to my all-time favorite element. It's cool, destructive, essential, interesting and beats fire in every level for me.


Good blog. He's right, we need air. - Therandom

Of course. It also gives me blows.

Like blowing wind. - visitor

Having you call air an element does annoy me. - PositronWildhawk

I'm adding something to the list how to annoy you! - Therandom

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Right, we need air, it's an underrated element that I will master one day along with water, earth, and fire.
(if you don't get the reference, then watch one of the best nickolodeon shows ever made.) - Skullkid755