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1 Earthbound

Best Mother Game of All time. Mother 2. Earthbound. Mother 3 a close second but this game is Lit.

Earthbound should be number 1. I do not understand how Mother 3 is ahead of it.

Best video game ever

Never played it, but its in first place. So I assume it must be good. ;-;

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2 Mother 3

I say we'll get this game to America. ( with this small website's almost meaningless waste of my time) What the heck am I doing here! It's 2:53 in the morning and I'm sick, but I can't seem to get myself away from the computer screen. I know I'm going to be tired tomorrow! But who cares! This is Earthbound were talking about! It can't be disrespected like this. We must fight for our right to play the games we want to play! No more of this region locked BullS***! I want Mother 3 to come to America! or Else I might slip into an emotional and physical state of depression and get really angry. and then go bomb someplace! ( I'm just kidding website trackers don't hurt me I'm 11 years old! ) You see what you do to us! YOU MAKE US LEAVE THESE KIND OF COMMENTS. Then the FBI will see the part about the bombing! Then I will go to jail and have to not play games at all! Then you are losing your customers and you want them TO BE HAPPY DON'T YOU? Now this will get their attention...they're losing ...more

Easily the best in the series from a gameplay perspective, and in my opinion has better characters and story than earthbound. A masterpiece in every sense of the word this game feels like it was written and designed much more cohesively than the other two. But it's the little things that you might never even notice that make this game a 10/10.

I cried about fifteen times while playing this game the story is very emotional and dramatic and it's very sad how Lucas' mom and brother died (whoops I should've put up a spoiler alert here) also the gameplay is super fun and enjoyable so 10/10

I live this game but I feel that since it has no real english release it goes underlocked

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3 Mother 2

Mother2 and earthbound are the same game - dinosaur

4 Mother 1+2

This is the most recent mother game I've played and I love mother 1 over 2 and 3 it just has a more I don't know how to put it classic feel

This is how I beat mother 1

5 Mother
6 EarthBound Zero

I seriously can't choose one since they're all my favorites, but Earthbound Zero/Mother is my most favorite.

That is mother 1

7 Earthbound 64

That did not relased

8 Undertale

Skeleton Ness was the hardest boss

This isn't part of the mother series

Sans is Ness


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9 Radiation's Halloween Hack

This is an insanely underrated little quasi-game right here.

Take this trash off this list

What this is a fanmadegame not an official game. Take this off the list.

10 Mother 4

This is a fan game. Check it out it looks awesome.

I want this game but its fake it is a tease

That game doe not exist

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11 Earthbound Beginnings

Mom 1 is Jesus

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