North America


North America is so far ahead of other continents in every way it isn't even a contest. Europe is old and cramped and hasn't done anything new in over 2 centuries and is quite old news. They don't even have any substantial forests because of deforestation over hundreds of years. Try buying a large piece of land in Europe. Even people from Europe are banging down our doors to get in to North America now. Asia is second as it is an emerging and modern market with much more diverse landscape than Europe, Australia and New Zealand Id live in before anywhere in Europe or Asia. I like visiting Europe, but living there would be boring as hell after a while and I have grown accustomed to my 3500 sq foot home with 25 acres of land with a boat, 2 sea doos, ski doo, quad bike living on a lake overlooking the rockie mountains with wildlife all around me and new and exciting forests and lakes and river to explore for a lifetime. I'm fine thanks

Honestly it doesn't get better than North America, with some of the best cities and countries, it truely is like a dream, there's a reason why it's the most high-tech continent, Chicago invented the skyscraper, New York is one of the most visited cities in the world, Montreal is known for hosting the world's great parties, Los Angeles is the best if you talk about tradition, Havana is the king of beaches, Toronto is just overall magical, Mexico City has the greatest Spanish culture... Out of all, North America is the best

Europe reached its zenith of predominance in world affairs centuries ago. North America (read: the US) is the predominant economic, military, cultural, and political power in the world and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. It's also undoubtedly the most beautiful continent. The Pacific northwest is the most beautiful place in the world

Stupid Europeans say North America has barely any history. WHAT ABOUT THE NATIVE AmericanS! Native American music is relaxing and Native American culture is interesting. Also, NATIVE AmericanS HAVE BEEN LIVING ON THIS CONTINENT FOR OVER 20,000 YEARS! North America has definitely the most diverse wildfide and landscape. Also, North America is HUGE. And the continent has a larger percentage of preserved land than Europe. Plus, North America has the world's greatest country, the United States. Europeans say the United States stole cultures. Actually, people from different cultures IMMIGRATED to the US idiots. North America has tons of awesome cities like Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec City, Cancun, Mexico City, and MUCH more. All of this is why North America is the world's best continent.

North America should number one because there are there's amazing country called United States best country in the world really every thing Economy, Powerful military, and peaceful country I LOVE you.S.A

I love it here! USA is beautiful, Mexico is a great place for vacation, and Canada is simply the happiest country with the most polite and nicest people I've ever met

This is the worst continent because Donald Trump lives on this country. I can't get my facts right so don't complain. There is too much conflict between Mexico and Canada. I can't get my facts right so don't complain. This is worst country the world has ever seen. I can't get my facts right so don't complain.

North America Is by far, the best continent in the world. The beautiful landscape, mountain ranges, clean water, and farms...One word for North America-Beautiful. Hands down, best continent!

It should be #1. lots of people hate Europe. You just don't know who they are. Buy I think moving to America was a much better idea than staying in Sweden. Sweden was good... But America is better

Canada US and Mexico are the best in America

I live here (Mexico) and there are so many hot girls that hang out on the beach and New York City is by far, the best city I've ever been to. Canada is the 6th safest country in the world out of all countries and is beautiful with lots of greenery and Nature.
This should be #1

America greatest country on earth? I guess you have never studied other countries. There are countries that are much better than the police state known as the U.S.A like Canada Germany Sweden South Africa Japan. Any other first world country that you can think of is better than the USA and that's fact. Canada is the greatest country on earth. USA best? Yet they are the only developed first world nation that does not have the right to healthcare. Instead they spend all their time and money on the stupid army that they have. People from the USA bring up about how they are so powerful and they brag about having the most nukes out of most countries. That does not make a country great. The USA is more like a 2nd or 3rd world country. Not a 1st world country. You still think USA is best? You must be in denial. The thing that makes a country great is quality of life and life expectancy. Too bad the USA is filled with a bunch of dumbasses.

North America is the most diverse and beatiful continent. You have the United States, a diverse beauty itself honestly. Probably one of the best climates on earth, California, borders it, with Hollywood in it and The Golden Gate Bridge. Then you have totally Wild West states like Wyoming with tons of wildlife. Then you have Louisiana with all the cool crocs and fried chicken. And don't doeget Canada, and amazing country too, or Alaska. With awesome wildlife and different people. And we also have all those tropical things. We have the carribian and Hawaii. So we pretty much have everything!

Love the Asia comment, THE BEST!, THE BEST!... - westofohio

Hey retards there's more then one country in north America so stop only looking at the US and if you never been here you don't really now how it is, news is corrupted here.

It is the most beautiful continent! South and North America are by far beautiful... This should be #1 in top ten most beautiful continents

There really shouldn't be any doubt on which is the best. North America has the United States of America. The best place to live. - HauntingStomper

North America has the best nature and it's not polluted (unlike Asia) and home to one of the greatest countries and people

Mostly here voted by obnoxious rude dumbass as hell Americans who think they are the best voted it here.

Not a history question, from geography standpoint nothing else has such diversity of flora, fora and natural resources.

North America is the best! They're the richest and they're stronger against other countries

If it weren't for the people of America (rude, egocentric, ethnocentric), it would be number one. Although Mexicans and Canadians make up for it.

North America is just great. Hands down the most beautiful and diverse continent.

Dude if you say USA greatest country on earth you are a dumbass. Germany is the greatest. Canada 2nd place.

Canada and America. Enough said