Easiest Backyard Wrestling Finishers to Do

The Top Ten Easiest Backyard Wrestling Finishers to Do

1 Spear

Spear, Spear, Spear! That is the key for team SmackDown! Team to defeat team RAW at Bragging Rights 2010! Great day, Edge! - 09ShamsulBahriel

2 Clothsline From Hell
4 Super Kick

Bcaz it is superb

6 Reverse DDT
7 Twist Of Fate
8 Codebreaker

I didn't get hurt when I did this to my cousin but my cousin was swollen and bleeding and I don'r wanna go back 2 his house 2 much blood stains on the walls - SmoothCriminal

it's easy 2 do, if my enemy pisses me off, CODEBREAKER 4 him - SmoothCriminal

9 Reverse Twist Of Fate
10 Leg Drop Bulldog

The Contenders

11 Backstabber
12 Canadian Destroyer
13 Attitude Adjustment
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