They are the most adorable pet birds you could get and since they are so small they don't need to be taken care of as much as parrots or other birds they don't nip or bite either and they grow very affectionate once they get used to you, but even so, don't open a window while playing with them because they will happily flutter to freedom and they can't really take care of themselves

Birds are very good pets and you can teach them too I love the birds that talk to you they can keep all your secrets when they fly keep the windows down and keep them away from people some birds tell your secrets

Owning a bird is easy if your willing to take the time and effort. Training a bird is super easy as long as you don't snatch at it. Since we are a lot bigger and have eyes facing forwards, they see us as a predator and snatching makes it worse. Be PATIENT

I just love birds. There so cute, but they can be hard from time to time cleaning there cage and more. But if you are looking for a pet get a bird. My one even eats with us at dinner. There so cute that you need to get one

All you need: cage, food hopper, food, water hopper, water, newspaper, toys, perches, and playtime! I say it's the easiest pet to take care of. I have 7 birds and it's a snitch. Super easy

They are very cute and easy to look after.
They eat nuts and chilly,
I love them.
I think you should get one too.

Birds are the easiest to care for all they need is food and water once a week

Birds mate for life no other animal that you can buy does that and they are really funny especially the macaws

I really wanted to get a duckling for my b day and my parents are thinking about it

Very sweet creatures, although they aren't the easiest to care for.

They are probably the best pets you can have.
I have two.
They are so much fun, they can be trained and copy you.
They need daily interaction but it's worth it.
They're cages are quite easy to clean.
They are noisy but they're so cute

Really easy just eat nachos and your good! So fun too!

They are really cute and I used to have two

Birds are wonderful pets but you know what's hard about them is you have to teach them to step up and to talk so its tough.You also have the noise to deal with but I want a bird so bad but my mom says I can't have one.

They live for a really long time.

Be careful, some birds can live up to 80 years.

I have a bird it's gonna be 3 years old on 2016

Help you feel happy when you need it

Birds are the most easyist pet to teach an the smartest pet you can buy sadly some or should I say a lot of parrots are smarter than a dog.

They are easy to take care of because all you need id a cage with toys water and some food and you don't have to constantley clean the cage

They bond vary strongly with there owner, and they love tacking showers oh what they don't need shampo or even need to be comb.

I agree birds are hard to take care of but once they r trained they are very easy pets.

I have 2 lovebirds.They are really easy to take care of. Even they recognize my voice and when I call them,they fly to the front side of cage and lick my fingers

All pets take time and effort but birds are easy to take care of well... I guess it depends on the bird personally I prefer parakeets such as buggies all pets should be have parent or adult supervision especially when little kids are evolved they do bit (the birds not the kids) 🐦