Betta fish are really good pets, they could live for a couple of days without food but they'll be really hungry. You just have to clean their tanks bout once a week. You also have to check the water temperature for the fish. Different kinds of fishes need different care. I have 3 betta fishes, I keep them in different tanks because they might attack each other, so I have some experience. I also had 10 goldfishes before but they all died because some ate a lot and died and other got no food and died from that. You should have from 1-3 fish in one tank because it get harder to care care of them. I also had a guinea pig but they were a little harder to take care of. So I think you should get a fish as your first pet. Then when you grow more responsibility get a hamster than a dog or a cat. Bye.

All you do is drop a bit of food in every morning and use a gravel cleaner once a week thats it I have 5 fish they are so easy to look after half the time I don't even remember they are there

Fish can be difficult to care for, but gold fish can spread like a plague. Take my pond, put gold fish in it and don't feed them. They strived. Then, I tried to add mosquito fish. They did ok(They ended up dying in the end.) But my tadpoles were the hardest because those fish ate them. I tried to kill these fish and they still survived, eating everything in my pond. Eventually I got rid of all the big ones, but there are STILL small ones in the pond, waiting to grow up and reproduce. Now the tadpoles are striving, but before, I got TWO leopard frogs to survive, and a few toads, the toads left and somehow found a new water source, they return every now and then though. Thank god the leopard frogs are still young enough to have eggs, they did once but the eggs didn't last a day. Now I have a pond with a couple of damsel flies, snails and tadpoles. Long story short: Fish may not live long, but once a few generations get going then they are impossible to get rid of.

The fish can be easy or hard to take care of, depending on what type of fish you buy. Goldfish, which is a very frequent-bought pet, is very easy to take care of. You have to feed it every night, which doesn't crave a lot of time and no patience. To help clean your fish tank, you could buy an algae fish. They clean the tank for you. I'll admit, fish do need a little bit of room. Your tank needs to be twice the size of an adult fish. You need some supplies, and when you have that all done, the taking care part is very easy. Also, some decorations such as a fish bridge or quidditch stadium could make the fish tank a cute place for your fish. Betas on the other hand require a lot of work.

Goldfish are extremely hard to take care of! They need at least 50 gallons for a single tail and can live over 20 years. Bettas are way easier than goldfish. Please, don't get fish. You would probably kill them. - Theroyalfrogman

Fish are realtively easy to take care of because they don't need as mush devotion and time as other pets do. But you will need quite a bit of space and expect to spend upwards of $75 when you first get them. Minimum for a betta or any other freshwater fish that is going to be housed alone (not schooling) would be 2.5 gallons. The length and width varies but expect AT LEAST a minimum space of 36 centimetres. And you will need to sacrifice time every week for water changes. Usually it's about 25-30 minutes for a small tank. With larger tanks, you don't have to clean them as often. Overall, set them up with dechlorinated clean water, a heater (depending on the fish), a filter that has a low current or an air pump with a bubble wall or air stone attached to it via tubing since either of these will keep the water clean for longer (still water stagnates! ), a plant, and a couple decorations and they are good to go.

No, these are not easy. Please for the love of your pets, research the fish you want before even coming close to buying one, ESPECIALLY a goldfish or a betta. Also research how to cycle a tank before taking a fish home. It's not optional, it's crucial to learn how to cycle your tank. Marketers have realized that advertising fish as low-maintenance pets who don't need much space makes them the most money, but it's straight-up animal abuse (their fault, not yours). Please just do your research

This is not true at all! I've been wanting a fish for a few months now, so I have been researching them. I have read every fish book in the library, and they are a lot harder than they look. You have to clean their aquariums (obviously), buy TONS of equipment including aquariums, lights, food, and lots of aquarium accessories. That's only a short list! Plus, caring for fish is even harder if your thinking about getting those beautiful tropical fish. Fish do not belong on this list.

That's not all that hard if you weren't so young. Buying equipment isn't that hard you may think it is as young as you are probably. It takes money but if you have a job you have money and fish however very cool and sometimes a bit of work don't take a lot of care. Besides cage cleans and water changes. The hardest thing is forcing yourself to watch them swim if your already bored. Have fun fish are great for young kids buy the cleaning and maintenance will take an older adult enjoy your day! - ThatSuddenExpert

I found my fish to be the most difficult pet I ever cared for. I had goldfish (at most three at a time,) in a fifty-six-gallon tank. It had to be cleaned weekly, which involved setting up the hose to drain through the sink, suctioning out about a quarter of the water as well as any waste on the bottom, and then draining the hose. The process could take thirty minutes, as opposed to cleaning my cat's litterbox, which takes five if I vacuum the floor as well. In addition, they would often get sick, and they all eventually passed from one disease or another. It was enjoyable, however, to watch them get excited to eat.

Betta fish do not require a lot of supplies, though my price came up to 54 dollars in all. Even so, goldfish require much more than the simple things a betta fish needs. Fish are very simple creatures and don't need interaction as birds do. Clean their tank, give them food, make sure they have everything they need to stay comfortable, and you are done. Of course, the main reason of getting fish is to watch them swim. : )

Though fish are a fairly simple species, it requires more than you might expect to keep them alive and swimming.
Though they don't require socialization via people, many fish enjoy the company of other fishes. They also need plenty of food, a clean tank, enough light, a filter, A LOT of room to themselves. But, more than anything, these little scaled buddies need a responsible owner.
So, next time you see that "Win a Fish" booth at the local fair, think, am I ready to take responsibility for his/her life? - rubytaco

Very easy, just put in a filter, and give them a pinch of food every morning. Done.

I want some fish but my dad hasn't decided if I can get some yet! I've had them before but I was really young. I would really like some more because fish are AWESOME! I appreciate your info and will tell my dad that fish were voted best pets! THANKS COMMENTERS

My Betta Fish, Peter, is easy to take care of. Although, some fish can be hard to care of. For example the fish that need large aquariums and filters aren't exactly the easiest. I only recommend getting a Betta or Gold fish. Also, if you don't mind it possibly dying easily, their great pets!

This is wrong, fish require so much more care than you think, constantly having to clean the filter, making sure the water is perfect, having to deal with the fish getting a disease sometimes, changing the water a couple of times a week, the list goes on. - kempokid

Everyone knows it's a fish. Personally I don't like owning fish for reasons but I can't fight that they are so easy to take care of. Feed them once to twice a day depending on the fish and how many and once a month clean the tank. Extremely simple and easy.

I think fish are easiest, because you only need to feed it twice a day/night, or on vacation buy a fish food pellets to put in. The tank needs to be cleaned about once every two weeks. In my opinion fish are easiest pets to take care of.

Fish are very easy to keep. The best parts of having a fish is to pick it and look at the amazing way it swims. After a while it gets boring, you just don't seam interested easy to feed and clean!

Very hard to take care of. You need a big aquarium to make it happy and some people can't afford that. You need to not abuse it. I have 2 betta fish and they are very hard to take care of.

Al you need to do is throw a few flakes in there and leave, its not like a cat or dog that requires exorcise or attention. They kind of just swim in circles and that's basically it.

All you need to do to take care of a fish is feed it and clean the tank and water. You do need a big tank but also there is certain types of fish that can't be put together.

No way! They take A LOT of care and kids can not take care of them since they are probably one of the hardest!

Check out my story for fish on top ten pets for kids and you will find out my amazing beautiful story on my beta fish and me. It will touch your heart.

Because they don't need affection and that much exercise also they don't cost much they don't make rackets and it isn't that heart breaking when it dies like some animals

Fish are easy to take care of as long as you don't count corals and plants. My friend has a HUGE fish tank. Well on big one a middle sized one a small one and a pond. Wow right.

Fish for a fact are really smart for 3 seconds then dumb for 3 more seconds. For example the fish would know your name and who you are the wouldn't know a thing about you.