Guinea Pig

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The guinea pig, also called the cavy or domestic guinea pig, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.


All you got to do is feed them, change their water bowl, bedding and clean the cages wich cleaning the cage is not as difficult as you think. Guinea pigs rules!

Guinea pigs are very easy to look after and make popular pets with children. They only need a good clean out twice a week and fed dry food in the morning and vegetables in the evening. And once they're used to being handled, they are lovely to cuddle!

Guinea pigs I am thinking about getting and I think I'm going to save money and time by not using bedding I'm going to use a fleece so I don't have to spend so much money and bedding and also I can just sweep up poops instead of leaving a giant mess with bedding

Guinea pigs are very affectionate and absolutely adorable. If they get comfortable with you(which they do after some time) they are more than willing to respond to your voice, play and cuddle! I had two and they were delightful pets. But they do fall sick easily and their health detoriates fast if they do. But if they are in a warm and clean environment they are generally happy. You need to keep them in groups as they are social animals but don't keep one male and female as they reproduce extremely fast and in large numbers.

Guinea pigs are SO CUTE. They are very good with children because, unlike hamsters, they are not nocturnal. They are furry and so amazing. And if you don't want to have to waste your whole day just taking care of them, GOOD NEWS! They are low maintenance! Perfect with kids 6 and above.

I've had a guinea pig there were some down sides such as since I had school and didn't have much time to play with her she became very depressed and only wanted to be left alone and would run away from me but she was all so really nice and not vicious

I don't actually think they're as "easy" to care for, but aren't super super hard. As I walk in the door, my little one wheeks and wheeks and she knows that it's treat time. They need regular vet checkups and are prone to a lot of unrecognizable diseases. They are smarter than you think! Mine know a lot of tricks. They don't smell as a lot of people think but my old one constantly needs baths. There are a lot of people who just lock them in a store bought cage but they need excercize as they also tend to get more rotund. A lot of people CAN be capable of owning a Guinea pig, but please don't buy your six year old daughter one for her birthday.

Guinea pigs are super easy to take care of compared to some other animals like dogs, and they are so super fun to play with. They make great pets and I think they are probably one of the easier pets to take care of.

Guinea pigs stink, they poop way to much and are scared of every thing. don't get one they are fat and you have to chang there cage almost every day!

I fell in love with my Guinea pig onyx. He was my best friend as sad as that sounds. I was heart broken when he died.

Guinea pigs have dog personalities, but they are potato sized! I have two females that are easier than males in my opinion

Guinea pigs are cute and easy to take care of

They do take a lot of time and attention. But they are good pets.

They are so much fun to take care of and mine is spoiled rotten!

Guinea pigs are cute cuddly and nice and easy to take care of.

Easy to take care of, I'm 12 and I own two!

I've had 6 guinea pigs and they were easy to look after - WinchesterGirl26

They are soft and sweet and love being outside

Guinea pigs are adorable and nice animals, unlike hamsters who bite.

I have one and she is so easy to take care of

I have a guinea pig and he is wonderful!

This sounds like the kind of pet for me

They seem fairly easy may get one thanks TheTopTens

Guinea pigs r bae their cute and hot!

They don't bit and love to cuddle