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Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.


We had hamsters, at one point I think we had about 50 because they kept having babies and than more babies.
But they are super fun to have around, I remember we put a twist tie on our cage door and the dad hamster untwisted it and got out, we found it like a day later in my mom's closet, that hamster was really smart. We put one on our treadmill one time it was really funny. They're really easy to take care of too.

I think hamsters are easy to take care of and are the best house pets they don't need much attention and there easy to feed they only need there cages cleaned once or twice a weak they are probably the easiest pet to take care of but they don't live that long but forget about that there Awesome!

How are fish number one they aren't really pets you can't really play with them like you can with hamsters. Hamster are cute, fun, and playful. If you get a hamster then please take care of it. One time my little cousin had a hamster and she put it in a glove she totally forgot that she left in the glove and it died.

Easy to take care of. Won't bite if raised right and live for up to 3 years (commonly). I had one when I was twelve and he (males are more lapdogs) was very sweet and loved to hang out with me plus he was great for my camera at the time.

I think hamsters are the easiest pet to take care of because they don't need a huge cage, they don't cost a hundred dollars, and are easy to clean up after.

A hamster is a very easy pet because my sister has a hamster and she loves him. After she finishes her homework she will go to her room do some arts and crafts then go straight to the cage. Sometimes we find the hamster in his tube so we can't play with him but he will usually run down the tube to say hi.

I think hamsters are really good easy going pets and they are good for the hole family. I also agree with the fancy rats and gecko because having had pet rats myself they are really good family pets and all three hardly ever bite and they are brilliant with the kids who wouldn't love them!

I want a pet that doesn't smell so I can keep it in my room but we are not allowed a dog or cat I was going to get a Guinea pig but apparently they smell so I might jut go with a hamster.

One because all you got to do is feed and water, play with that's all really but they are cute well that's what I think my number is 716 4504843.

I've got one. Its so cute and easy to clean! The best species is a dwarf russian hamster, they are tiny. Hamster sometimes bite but it doesn't hurt at all.

All You Have To Do Is Clean The Cage And Feed It No hassle

I have one and they are so cuddely and sweet. Just take them out of their cage at least once every other day and they will not bite. Clean their cage once a month and they'll love ya. Food and water refills right when you notice it needs a refill. You'll love them if you like curling up with a soft animal lay on you while sleeping.

Honestly, hamsters are easy to take care of if you buy two mature ones if the same gender because if they mate then the mother will get pregnant and have babies which is the difficult part.

I love hamsters too, but my mom won't let me get one. She says she doesn't like how they eat their babies. But I do agree that their pretty easy, although the part where you have to clean the cage.

I have always wanted a hamster but my mom says it all depends on my grades so what I would do is get better grades and STAY ON HER GOOD SIDE!

Hamsters Andre really friendly and are easy to take care of

I love them and easy to take care more that dogs and cats because the run around and hard to put them in a place and gets the house dirty too. Hamsters are better.

Hamsters are amazing creatures and I think YOU should get one they're fairly easy to take care of and if you don't want your sibling touching it say it bites

These can be nippy but most are kind and affectionate

They are really adorable and pretty easy to take care of. But they are nocturnal animals, so you can't have so much fun with it when it's sleeping in the day.

Hamsters are just so easy and fun to play with. My friends are so obsessed with it and they all want them as well. They are cheap to so I could buy a whole family tree if I wanted to!

I love my hamster he is so cute. But, his cage is supper stinky and he pops a lot. His cage is supper easy to clean. And, hamsters are supper cheep and there stuff is not a lot of mony.

Hamsters are actually not that simple to take care of. They nip and sometimes it really hurts. And if you ever forget to close the cage top, they are NEVER coming back.

I think hamsters would a pretty good pet although I have never had one my self but just from reading this piece of writing I think hamsters would be an AWESOME pet!

I would like a hamster but my parents won't let me. I done know what to do. They seem pretty easy, cute, but they are small and of you take them out of the cage they get lost