Hermit Crabs


Hermit crabs are really easy you just need their food,
Water, and salt water all in their own dishes and have heat up to 70-80 and spray it will warm water every day and things for them to climb on and about a 3 gallon sized cage and a couple extra shells for them to be in when they get too big.

They are really easy to take care of and very interesting to watch and when the molt it is most fascinating. Great pets and low maintenance and can live for long.

Hermit crabs are very easy to take care of is all you need is a aquarium and coconut shavings from Walmart and a heater for warmth, a sea sponge for water and food.

Number 14? Haha it requires little to no effort. You feed them and give them water. That's basically it... - Co0lk1d25

I have a fish tank that I am using for my future hermit carbs yay

They don't cost much! A couple of shells, some water and a hide is all you need for a simple set up

I was looking for a easy pet to take car of and the hermit crab was the easiest pet I found.

I loved hermit crabs. I have three right now and they are fun to take care of.

All you have to do is dampen a sponge and put a food pelt down.

They are awesome because they are so easy to take care of.

I used to have three! They are so cool and funny to watch!

They are cool, but they pinch and do not let go.

I love hermit crabs. I used to have some. I freaked out and thought they were dead when they started to shed their skin. I think I freaked them out too. Becase a week later, they died.

Requiring so little and being so unique. This makes an amazing pet. They may not be cuddly but you can bond well with your herme

4 easy daily steps
1 refill/clean food bowl
2 refill/clean water bowl
3 clean up uneaten food
4 mist cage
Dogs are the hardest animal to take care of - WEDEMBOYS

I had a hermit crab and it died less than a month, be careful don't let younger kids get them. and the are not very active, bye.

They are easy to look after but you need a lot of supplise like every pet does if your thinking of getting one you need humidifier I don't know if I spelt that right, a coconut hut, salt water, a bowl, food, walter, shells, a climbing thing eatherwise they get bored, I sugest getting two because they get depressed, hope I helped they may need more but that's what I got for my hermies.

I love hermit crabs they are the best pets in the world but even thow turtles and hermit crabs both swim and walk but turtles give desies it is called sal maniela but hermit crabs are so cute