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41 Sun Parakeet
42 Leopard Gecko

My family owns many animals and honestly, My leopard gecko isn't the easiest to take care of. But they don't require a lot of work and time. Just do you research (Of course with all pets! ) and make sure they have at least two or three hides as well as a heat mat under one and preferably something to test the temperatures. They need one side of their cage warm (with the heat mat) and the other side cold. Other than that they're pretty easy. They just need crickets and mealworms dusted with calcium powder every couple of days. And make sure you use paper towels or reptile carpet as substrate Sand can give them impaction and kill them. I would recommend getting a leopard gecko if you are a gentle, Calm person and I would say try to handle them once a day if you can. They are very loving and affectionate pets!

Out of all my pets thru my life they were easy to care for the only thing that you need to get it is heat pad under a 10 gallon tank with paper towls or these mats they sell at pet stores and as a baby they only eat crickets do your research before you buy one and only put females together if you put a male and female together theyll have babies

Leopard Geckos are Amazing! I used to have depression problems and my Gecko Jory helped me!

They are very easy to take care of!
But the feeding part can be a little gross
There habbitat is pretty easy to maintane
This is the easiest gecko to take care of them
Reaserch a lot about them if I were u cause that's what I did
I hope this helped!

43 Goat Goat The domestic goat is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

There cute and easy this is a lie

Goats are annoying, they might be adorable but they are a pain. there could be a plant in your backyard that they never touch but as soon as you block it of, they will devote their lives to destroying it. I do not recommend getting goats for your kids because they have sharp hooves and they jump. they also love to eat your hair so watch out. they are not easy animals to have and you HAVE to have the right setup or they will destroy your backyard.

My grampa has goat there easy but bite and make a lot of noise

I want one

44 Scorpion

When you hear the word scorpion you imagine two terrifying pincers and a big venomous sting but Emperor Scorpions are more docile but I still would recommend handling.

Know one should have a scorpion as a pet.

45 Ants Ants

Ants don't poop as much as other animals do. they don't stink and are fun to watch make ant farms.

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46 Possum

Possums are amazing animals but they are not designed to be pets and I think having them in captivity is not ok


47 Degu Degu

Epic lets they are cute clever and they are very social they are always awake when you are unlike hamsters and other rodents

Degus are the cutest and cudliest rodents. They love to play and they have a LOT of energy. They need to run a lot and they don't smell.

They are sooo adorabke

48 Goanna V 2 Comments
49 Duck Duck

I have 7 wood ducks but they are still ducks so anyways, wood ducks/ ducks are REALLY fun but they can be a handful. I have them in a 20 gallon fish tank and that works out great. I have paper towels on the bottom, a heating lamp, chicken starter feed and some water. When they poop you can just wrap up the paper towel/s. When they are old enough and tame enough you can take them outside and also in the water. They are pretty easy, but sometimes they can be a challenge.

That sounds amazing I've been put of by how much the poop but now I want one more than ever

Ducklings and chicks are messy but they have special made diapers for indoor chicks and ducklings, ji live in thecity and therr fine so cute and cudfly

50 Cricket

They eat scraps like veggies and food! Just put a couple in a dark bucket or tank with black paper around it and put a lid in it. (they will jump out) I fed mine carrots and lettuce. Then put a lot of hide out in it like cut out egg cartons and toilet paper rolls. Just make sure the place is dark and has lots of hide outs. They are also very easy to breed!

51 Sheep Sheep The sheep is a quadrupedal, ruminant mammal typically kept as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla, the even-toed ungulates. V 3 Comments
52 Spider

I love my tarantulas, very vey low maintenance and even if you don't really want to handle them often then they don't require it, a lot of tarantulas prefer to be left to there own devices, the more natural the habitat the better and absolutely fascinating to watch. Mine have helped me and several friends get over fears of spiders. Plus if you catch a house spider, put it in the tarantula enclosure, free snack! 100% would recommend getting one!

They can bite. There are some more docile. They don't want to bite. But they can... Handle with care. They also can flick hairs. And you only need to feed them one or twice a week. Not once a day. They are a great pet though.

I have tarantulas and they make good pets because they are low maintenance and don't need a lot of space. Most breeds are quite docile and can be handled, also fun to watch!

A lot of people are afraid of spiders, but they are actually harmless! Spiders help get rid of pests and mosquitos. I.LOVE.SPIDERS.

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53 Skunk Skunk Skunks are mammals known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong odor. Different species of skunk vary in appearance from black-and-white to brown or cream colored, but all have warning coloration.

As disgusting as a skunk may sound, they make great pets. They are super cute when they are little, and you can get this treatment where they do not spray.

Skunks are not good pets, yes they might be cute. But their have to have a very strict diet, lots of space and there is no treatment to stop them spraying (It is illegal, well it is in uk & Ireland). They can also be very destructive.

They stink who would want one.

They are footzes

54 Fox Fox Foxes are small to medium sized animals and belong to the Canidae family along with other animals such as jackals, wolves, and domestic dogs. There are 37 species of fox but only 12 are considered true Vulpes. A foxes main prey are birds, fish, berries, insects, and rabbits. Some of the best known species ...read more.

FOXES! LOVE these guys!

I love pet foxes. I'm getting an Arctic Fox. But please, they aren't easy. They are harder than a cat or dog and need different foods, they tend to be very destructive, loud, and smelly, and they can have issues with litter training.

If you have the time and it's legal where you live, consider one of these beauties. You'll be surprised at just how popular they are.

So adorable when babies beautiful when adults

Love foxes

Just to let everyone know I really really really wanted a fox until I did my research. They are NOT like cats or dogs, because they do what they want to and you can't stop them. These animals are only to be bought if you know VERY WELL on how to take care of them. Remember, a fox doesn't change it's life to be convinent to you, but you have to fit into the fox's lifestyle. These animals would make good pets if you are careful.

55 Horse Horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount.

Horses are the hardest pets to own. They need a regular excersize routine and between the cost of grain, hay, vet bills, farrier visits, and board are quite expensive. They are heard animals and need another animal to be their buddy and also need plenty of pasture space. On top of that they NEED to be handled regularly or even miniature horses can be very dangerous. Horses are already dangerous and have potential to easily kill a human so they should be in a home with people that will not accept any bad behavior.

You need a lot of room for these guys to roam like a farm.

I own 3 they are amazing. I have rode my whole life you can do so much with them. They are amazing animals.

There ok but in the winter there water freezes and everfy day u have to change the frozen water

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