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Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world.


I have five rabbits, every one is friendly. All I do is give them food, play with them, clean their cage and make sure they have water. As long as you don't mind cleaning cages and caring for them at least twice a day they make great pets.

My friend has a bunny and I want one too. After having a sleepover at her house I realized how much fun a bunny can be. I'm only 10 but I think that I'll be able to convince my parents to get me one. I have already tried and they said that we would talk about it. Yay!

We have a domestic underground living rabbit and it's so cute it always comes to our backyard and we give fresh vegetables and it eats it it's so cute how it eats and rests in our backyard we are kinda planing to have one

I have two rabbits in the house.They are so cute and nice.

I had one rabbit. Her name was Whitedonut and she was almost cage free. She actually wasn't too much work, I would say Guinea pigs need much more interaction and are harder to take care of. We just had to block off the extra fridge, she had quite a problem with chewing electrical cords so we needed some toys. Other than that, rabbits aren't too bad!

I have a dwarf bunny so she is pretty small but she is easy to take care of but if you don't clean the cage it will smell.

Give me an opinion about junior rabbits

I have a rabbit she's very nice and gentle she's not the easiest pet to look after but quite easy compared to lots of other animals

Rabbits stink very much, poop a ton, and are very hard to keep. my parents gave mine away because I would keep its cage clean. I do not recommend this pet.

Rabbits are adorable and my friend has one and it barely bothers her and it's just like a pet that you may want if you like to cuddle or don't like noise. Let's get rabbits to the top. Vote not because I told you to but if you think that rabbits are your type of animals. Either way PLEEEAAASE VOTE NOW.

Bunnies are cute but are a handful! They can be a mess too! Bunnies are just so adorable to me! - Sammy_Gaming

Rabbits are great for kids and are super cute

I am not aloud a pet but I might persuade my mum to buy me one any tips?

They are so cute and cuddly! How are they so low on the list!?

It is not stinky unless you don't clean their cage.

I don't have on but I went on a site that said bunnies only require food, water, and love!

I have had loads of rabbits but they are by far the best pet

Rabbits are small and fuzzy and everything about them is soft and delicate

Good with black labs and never pee in the cage or poo

Rabbits are just to cute to walk away from

They are so cute and fluffy I am so asking my parents for one

Rabbits are so cute and easy to take care of it is a package

I have breaded rabbits in the past and all they do is love

I love bunnies they bones can break easy though but have fun with it

Rabbits are great easy pets I want one