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21 Maraca

This is extremely easy I don't know how this is not #1 because all you literally do is shake. - Tab

How is the piano easier than this

I have played a maraca and it is so easy

22 Bass Guitar

The electric bass is not an easy instrument to learn. If you branch out beyond rock and country, you'll learn that there's much more to this instrument than just playing the roots of the chords.
Also, the fewer strings makes the instrument more difficult because you must move horizontally along the neck to reach higher tones. Guitarists have the luxury of being able to move vertically because of their extra strings. Plus, the fret spacings on a bass are much longer than a guitars which means more stretching.

Bass is easier to pick up than Guitar, but harder to master. - Nickelstickman

Guitar But Easier, should be second or at least third

Some percussion instruments are easy in that you don't have to worry about notes, but drumset is still pretty hard... electric bass is one if the easiest instruments with notes...

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23 Drums

A few YouTube tutorials and about four hours of practice, and I can play well enough that I can jam with them without holding anyone back. Maybe it's because I'm already used to playing music, but it was insanely easy to pick up.

I think all the people attacking the simplicity of learning the drums are a little defensive of their craft. Half the peoples argument on difficulty was "You have to hold the drum sticks in a specific way" LOL

I found playing drums very easy and I picked it up in about 30 minutes in 6th grade and I was able to hold a smooth buzz roll and double stroke roll and transition seamlessly between them within the first week. I am now a junior in high school and some of the fresh meat in the percussion section still can't play a smooth roll.

As a percussionist, I know that drums are much harder than you think. It takes experience to even do a double stroke roll. Grab anyone off the street to do a roll, and it will fail miserably. Trust me, drums are not easy. - Turkeyasylum

Drums really do stress me out. I can play them and keep a nice beat to any song but like roling them and stuff is a different story. You also have to multitask because both of your hands are doing two completely different beats then your foot has to do something else so it can get pretty complicated. Like any other instrument, if you want to be a pro and master it then you must practice. I think I just had a bad teacher who really ruined the instrument for me :( - Tab

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24 Pan Flute

What is a pan flute?

Bruh the panflute I have one because of my family. They are peruvian, but its kind a hard for me to move my mouth from a specific spot to another and back...

I might try it soon! :D

25 Ocarina

I watched a tutorial of how to play Lugia's Song on youtube, and it is actually very easy to play! It even shows how many finger-thingies you should place on the Orcarina!

Took me 39 minutes to learn three songs using tabs. I found it easier than a recorder and has a better sound with no shrieks or shrill like a soprano recorder has. I now have three ocarinas two sopranos in key of c and g and one alto key of c. I would recomend an alto in key of c or d.

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26 Cello Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Definitely not an easy instrument. All orchestral instruments take an exemplary amount of precision and focus.

I definitely agree with this being on the list. I have played the cello for about a year now, and am doing pieces that people who mostly have been playing for three years are playing. The cello is a very easy instrument.

The Cello is very hard! It should not be on this list. Don't listen to the people who put cello on this. They have obviously every played a cello before!

I don't think the cello looks that easy, but the violin makes the cello looks easy.

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27 Glockenspiel

I have played a Glockenspiel on several occasions. It is basically a tiny vibraphone. It is slightly difficult but not harder than a cello.

Half the population doesn't even know this exists. But it's pretty much just the piano with drum sticks.

It is so easy it took me 5 weeks it is not hard

It’s not so easy till if you preform harder music, just like every other percussion instrument.

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28 Trombone

As a trombonist with a few years' experience I have to say this doesn't really belong on the list. Sure, playing Hot Cross Buns on it may be easy at first, but once you get into 16th note territory, it can easily get lost on you due to how fast you have to move a fairly large slide. If your slide isn't in the correct position, the notes sound awful, and to top it all off, your embouchure (mouth position) matters too, as you have to open up on lower notes and tighten your lips as the notes get higher. All in all I wouldn't recommend this as a first instrument, but it's definitely worth your time if you're dedicated enough.

I remember I had to pick an instrument for fifth grade and I picked the Trombone because my cousin played it. I was good at it but like every instrument you have to keep practicing. Needless to say I hated it because I was being trained to fast.

This instrument is very hard to play because you have to make sure u get the slide in the right place so you hit the right note.

Pretty easy for me. I'm 12 and am better than our high schoolers and we have the best school band in NC.

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29 Electric Bagpipes
30 Oboe

Yeah uh no. I'm an oboist and I have to say, your fingers are even centimeters away from the correct note, you sound awful. My band director was honest with my section when we said we wanted to play it, he said, I quote, "The oboe makes your mistakes sound louder. It's unforgiving. You either nail it or you don't." So there's no way the oboe is easy to play. The only thing that's easy is carrying it around and putting it together and taking it apart,

It's very easy to learn; all you really need to do is work very hard. Some people actually call this instrument a hard one to play. But, if you've been playing as long as I have you'll know that it came to you easy.

Its very easy to learn, but to become proficient, it becomes extremely difficult - Charlesman01

I think this should be further down on the list. Why?
1.) It's difficult to make a sound. Double reeds aren't for everybody.
2.) It's hard to make a good sound, especially when you start out (I have only played for 7 months).
3.) There is a lot of technique involved.
4.) There are a lot of fingerings.

31 Tuba

Tuba is the Biggest brass instrument. But not the easiest. If you can count notes and read well you'll do good at a high School level. However it it takes years of practice to get a 4, 5 or even 6 octave range. and even longer to gain the warm and bright tones in your notes necessary to be successful at College and Professional levels. This is due to the Large mouth piece and bulk of the instrument. It can be hard to control if you don't practice frequently.

If you go outside the realm of high school band, it's not an easy instrument to play well with whatsoever. Just like with any other brass instrument, it takes a lot of practice, patience, and understanding to play proficiently and even more so to play at a professional level.

I play it currently in school I learned everything about it in six hours so no not really a hard instrument only issue it's pretty heavy depending on the type

This instrument can be easy depending on how much air you can push from your lungs

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32 Mountain Dulcimer

With only three strings, (or four with two paired) the Mountain Dulcimer is an instrument that is simple to use, and easy to learn. Using a noter stick sounds great on it, and the chords are moderately simple. It is the only true American instrument with few ties back to the old country.

33 Rhythm Sticks

Have you been hit by a Rhythm Stick? You may be entitled to a claim for personal Ian Dury

This instrument is the easiest instrument I've ever played!

These were done in Kindergarten and considered a big deal.

34 Bassoon

Legit the easiest instrument out there it took me less than a decade to master it.

35 Electric Bass Guitar

This instrument is BY FAR the easiest string instrument to play. It has big frets, far apart strings, and is tuned in fourths. It can also be directly transposed to the guitar.

36 Euphonium

If you know trumpet, you pick this up wicked fast. - PianoQueen

The kids who play it in my school band have trouble because they are trying to make it sound like the tuda

37 Castanet

Very easy! All you do is just click the castanets!

38 Slide Whistle V 1 Comment
39 Viola

Viola is very similar to violin. The main difference is that it has a deeper string that the violin doesn't have and it also doesn't have the highest string that's on the violin. It's notes are also different because they're written in the alto clef, not the treble clef. Learning the notes to instruments and the finger placings are easy for most people, but making them the correct sounds can take time; it takes longer to make it sound good too.
The deeper sounds on the viola are hard to master, but not as hard as the high notes on the violin. It usually takes years to master the violin by making the right sounds and learning vibrato, it's the same with the viola. So many violinists/violaists takes years to learn vibrato correctly, although others can learn it in a shorter amount of time. I've been playing the viola for three years and I'm starting to get the hang of vibrato. The two chairs above me in my orchestra have been playing the viola for nine years and only learned vibrato ...more

The only problem is learning the alto clef. Other than that it is really easy.

C string on viola not violin and a e string on violin not viola

40 Steel Drums

Easy percussion to hit, but the trick is to master the strumming patterns this could take some time based on your rhythmic innate skills.

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