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21 Greek

I speak greek and believe me I still make mistakes. Is very hard

22 Chinese

People are really underestimating the easiness of the Chinese language! Yes there are tones and a writing system but it's just like learning any other language. You don't even have to conjugate verbs and/or nouns like most European languages

Mandarin is one of the 3 languages I learn at school. It's not that hard, but is the hardest out of the 3 (the other 2 are Indonesian and English which are easy). Kinda hard to speak, and harder to write - FireWasp2004

Bloody hard! Remembering how to draw different characters for all the letters - sryanbruen

Chinese? Easiest language? HAHAA! Lol.

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23 Persian

I don't think it's the easiest...but much easier than most people will expect. Persian is not at all related to Arabic (a very difficult language for English speakers). Persian is an Indo European language, the same language branch as English. It is a lot closer to Indian languages though. Persian has a little bit of Arabic vocabulary because of Arabic invasions, not because of having the same roots.

24 Arabic

Believe me, it's the hardest!

Arabic verb conjugations do not make any sense at all

No shh Arabic is the best language ever - TheMagzo

Why does this Commie language still exist?! These hajib wearing nublords need to go die! - LeonardIsBestWizard

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25 Urdu

It is very easy and if you know Hindi or Arabic or Persian it became more easy to learn and very rich in culture.

A broad Language eating almost every language's words,

26 Toki Pona

This language is basically useless, but it is undoubtedly the easiest to learn. The grammar is ridiculously simple, and there are only about 120 to 130 words. - cookie27

27 Czech

Really guys? It is one of the hardest languages! So many rules, so many exceptions etc.

28 Sindhi

Sindhi sweet language

Sindhi boli amar rahe

29 Frisian

Which Frisian? Doesn't matter, all Frisian languages are easy

Similar to modern and old English

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30 Latin

I think Spanish should be in number 3 to 5 cause I learned it in 2 months it is WAY to easy

Not easy but it has its ways

I would not consider it easy but I recommend to start with their N and Q words

31 Vietnamese
32 Georgian

I know Georgian and it is easy to speak

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33 Bengali

Its not easy at all. 50 letters. Hard to pronounce some of the letters. The spelling is also quite hard. Plus the Grammar is horrifying. Even English grammar is a lot easier than this. If I write some bands names now (In English) it'll be a lot hard to pronounce them. - zxm

Best language same like hindi and you can easily translate it to English

34 Gaelic

Easy language. I have learned quite well. Very similar to dutch and Scottish. You get used to verbs. Great language

Its different

35 Romanian
36 Thai
37 Irish

This language is a cake-walk. I learned how to speak it in a week! Potato potato potato, famine potato potato! (That means, "Good morning! ") - LeonardIsBestWizard

Really easy to pronounce but extremely hard to spell correctly and accurately! - JomartheGreat

38 Marathi
39 Kumaoni
40 Hebrew
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