Top 10 Easiest Mario Kart 7 Courses

The Top Ten

1 Airship Fortress

What? - darthvadern


2 Toad Circuit
3 Rock Rock Mountain

It's third on list but never voted in online.ITS MY FAVORITE

4 Wario Shipyard
5 DK Jungle
6 Kalimari Desert
7 N64 Koopa Beach
8 DS DK Pass
9 Wii Maple Treeway
10 Rainbow Road

This is really easy because its way shorter and lots of ramps so you can get a mini turbo boost

One of the best soundtracks

The Contenders

11 Mushroom Gorge

This is easy now I got 1:49 on this race on Time Trial!

12 Wii Koopa Cape
13 Maka Wuhu
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