Top 10 Easiest Pokemon Gym Leaders

Have you ever gone to a gym leader and be like, "oh my god, this is gonna be hard!". Then you realized you grinded levels for nothing, and you easily beat him/her. Today, I'll be listing the easiest Gym leaders (In my opinion).

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1 Brock (Generation 1) Brock (Generation 1) Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . more.

Bulbasaur/squirtle - Brachiozaur

This might've been a challenge to people who chose Charmander, but all you really need is a Nidoran with Double Kick, or a Mankey. - SmashBall

This was my team when I was at his gym:squirtle,nidoran and pikachu. Two advantages already it took me less than a minute

2 Ramos (Generation 6)

He's a grass gym leader for crying out loud. If you know me, I ALWAYS have a fire type with me. So to me, this was incredibly easy. At least the gym design was epic. - SmashBall

It really is easy. - mattstat716

LOL. All the Kalos Gym Leaders were quite easy compared to Unova. Also, the Kalos Elite Four were surprisingly easy to beat on the first try! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Whitney (Generation 2) Whitney (Generation 2)

Before you get the pitchforks on me, let me explain. She's a NORMAL type, and I thought you guys said it's the worst type in the series. All you need is a female Geodude and crush her Milktank with Self-Destruct. - SmashBall

Never played Gen 2, but it is hell with the constant healing before B/W. (or was it B/W that they made it so they don't have like 10 healing potions? ) - mattstat716

4 Bugsy (Generation 2)
5 Crasher Wake (Generation 4)

I'm talking about Platinum, and it's not that hard IF you have a Grass or Lighting. I had a Kirlia with Magical Leaf, and a Luxio. - SmashBall

6 Burgh (Generation 5)

so easy. - AnonymousChick

My Whirlipede swept Dwebble and Swadloon with Rollout, and Golbt took care of Leavanny.

In BW2 he’s far easier than in the 1st game because whirlipede was the only Pokémon who did represent a risk. Leavanny is one of my favourites but fire/flying gets a OHKO right away

7 Viola (Generation 6)

If you're like me, I chose the Fire starter for a playthrough of X and Y, this should've been easy. In fact; It should've be easy regardless. - SmashBall

8 Sabrina (Generation 1) Sabrina (Generation 1) Sabrina is a fictional character in the Pokemon universe as the gym leader of the Saffron City Gym who specializes in psychic type Pokemon.

She is too easy, I can beat she's psychic type with ghost type moves!

If it's yellow, then her Abra allows your glitched Nidoking to sweep through her entire team, so I guess it counts. - Brachiozaur

9 Brawly (Generation 3)

Even though this was the 2nd gym in Hoenn, there a lot of options to use to take down his Pokemon, like Ralts, Taillow, and Combusken with Peck. - SmashBall

10 Blaine (Generation 1)

At this point, you pretty much had a Water type on your team that knows Surf, so it shouldn't be hard. - SmashBall

You literally HAVE to have a type advantage to battle him. - Mr_Awesome

The Contenders

11 Clay (Generation 5)

This guy took me a minute or less on my first playthrough of White 1. - WingedOracle

12 Wulfric (Generation 6)
13 Flannery (ORAS) Flannery (ORAS)

Ok, let me explain. I chose Mudkip, which is actually the best starter in every generation.
None of her Pokèmon are fully evolves, which means they have low base stats. Also, Swampert is 4x effective against Fire-types. If you chose Mudkip, it's basically an automatic win.

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