Top 10 Easiest Pokemon Gym Leaders

Have you ever gone to a gym leader and be like, "oh my god, this is gonna be hard!". Then you realized you grinded levels for nothing, and you easily beat him/her. Today, I'll be listing the easiest Gym leaders (In my opinion).

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1 Ramos (Generation 6)

He's a grass gym leader for crying out loud. If you know me, I ALWAYS have a fire type with me. So to me, this was incredibly easy. At least the gym design was epic. - SmashBall

LOL. All the Kalos Gym Leaders were quite easy compared to Unova. Also, the Kalos Elite Four were surprisingly easy to beat on the first try! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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2 Whitney (Generation 2)

Before you get the pitchforks on me, let me explain. She's a NORMAL type, and I thought you guys said it's the worst type in the series. All you need is a female Geodude and crush her Milktank with Self-Destruct. - SmashBall

Never played Gen 2, but it is hell with the constant healing before B/W. (or was it B/W that they made it so they don't have like 10 healing potions? ) - mattstat716

3 Brock (Generation 1) Brock (Generation 1)

This might've been a challenge to people who chose Charmander, but all you really need is a Nidoran with Double Kick, or a Mankey. - SmashBall

4 Crasher Wake (Generation 4)

I'm talking about Platinum, and it's not that hard IF you have a Grass or Lighting. I had a Kirlia with Magical Leaf, and a Luxio. - SmashBall

5 Viola (Generation 6)

If you're like me, I chose the Fire starter for a playthrough of X and Y, this should've been easy. In fact; It should've be easy regardless. - SmashBall

6 Sabrina (Generation 1)
7 Bugsy (Generation 2)
8 Brawly (Generation 3)

Even though this was the 2nd gym in Hoenn, there a lot of options to use to take down his Pokemon, like Ralts, Taillow, and Combusken with Peck. - SmashBall

9 Clay (Generation 5)

This guy took me a minute or less on my first playthrough of White 1. - WingedOracle

10 Blaine (Generation 1)

At this point, you pretty much had a Water type on your team that knows Surf, so it shouldn't be hard. - SmashBall

You literally HAVE to have a type advantage to battle him. - Mr_Awesome

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11 Wulfric (Generation 6)
12 Burgh (Generation 5) V 1 Comment
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