Easiest Poptropica Islands


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1 Early Poptropica Island

There are not many places to explore, and the conflict in Early Poptropica Island is very easy to overcome.

Way to easy! But WHY OH WHY is mythology and astro knights in the top 10?! It took me days to do those islands!

You do practically nothing at all!

SO EASY! Am I right?

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2 Shark Tooth Island

It takes me five minute tops! Search me on it- popcornaholic

So easy! Did it in 10 mins!


3 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4 Big Nate
5 Reality TV

This island is not easy!

To be honest this island is easy that I can play it a thousand time

Honestly so easy

Um i’ve completed it once but I keep trying it's the ending that’s the hardest because you don’t know who’s gonna vote you off

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6 Great Pumpkin
7 Mythology

NOT easy

8 Astro Knights

Disagree Hard

This one is one of the hardest islands!

I love it.

Me to. 😑

9 Monkey Wrench

It's a tutorial...it's MEANT to be easy. What on earth is it doing here?

It’s the easiest island because it’s a tutorial


10 Shrink Ray

Honestly, it wasn’t easy at all! - DijaUnicorn

The Contenders

11 Astro Knights
12 Time Tangeled

The first time it was hard but easy soon after that fail!

No way time tangled is super easy

13 Time Tangled

Might be hard to do on your first time around, but after that, you can do it with no problem

It's very easy. ( if you do it with a cheat※)

Yep. 😊

14 24 Carrot Island

Very Easy

15 Home Island
16 Survival
17 Monster Carnival
18 Time Twisted Island
19 Mocktropica
20 Cryptids
21 Nabooti
22 Counterfeit
23 Ghost Story
24 Mystery of The Map
25 Escape From Pelican Rock
26 Vampire's Curse
27 Wimpy Boardwalk
28 Wimpy Wonderland
29 Virus Hunter
30 Monkey Wrench Island

What why is this not 1st on the list? This island was MADE for teaching brand new poptropicans how to move around!

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