Easiest Poptropica Islands

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Early Poptropica Island

Easy, easy...but understandable, and also fun. It was the very first island, so what do you expect?

Is hard only because there is so much

Took me 8 minutes

Really easy

Shark Tooth Island

so easy

So easy! Did it in 10 mins!

It takes me five minute tops! Search me on it- popcornaholic


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I cannot even get passed the Augustus Gloop Part.

Big Nate
Reality TV

Honestly so easy

The actual T.V. show part is very hard to me

To be honest this island is easy that I can play it a thousand time

This island is not easy!

Great Pumpkin

NOT easy

By far one of my favorites. It’s absolutely AMAZING! I’ve played it a ton of times and never have gotten bored of it. 😁😆 Plus it’s one of the hardest islands and it’s so creative and fun! My other favorites are Time Travel island, although it’s way too easy, and pelican rock. Right now I’m trying some others. 😄

Monkey Wrench

Easiest one


Really is

It's a tutorial...it's MEANT to be easy. What on earth is it doing here?

Astro Knights

Disagree Hard

This one is one of the hardest islands!

Me to. 😑

Shrink Ray

Honestly, it wasn’t easy at all! - DijaUnicorn

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Monkey Wrench Island

What why is this not 1st on the list? This island was MADE for teaching brand new poptropicans how to move around!

Time Tangled

Whoever thinks this is hard needs to play some other islands.

Might be hard to do on your first time around, but after that, you can do it with no problem

It's very easy. ( if you do it with a cheat※)

Yep. 😊

24 Carrot Island

Very Easy

Escape From Pelican Rock

What on earth is this doing here?!?!?! This is literally the hardest island there is!

Its easiest one

Hardest island EVER

Time Tangeled

The first time it was hard but easy soon after that fail!

No way time tangled is super easy

Home Island
Monster Carnival
Virus Hunter
Time Twisted Island
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