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1 What is 1+1?

Here's a better question, Why did you make a list about best names for poop? -Curtsies - pupcatdog

The number of good crunkcore artists minus 2

Seventeen - PeeledBanana

My friend: Well since there's a 1 in the addition sign the problem is actually 1- 11 so it's-10.

Me: 🤦‍♂️It's 2! - Randomator

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2 What Day is Christmas?

God has left us - okokokko

It's Friday, October 28 - TeamRocket747

June 40th - PeeledBanana

December 25 - 445956

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3 Are You Alive?

Well in theory or in physics It could somehow prove that we are an illusion - Kevinsidis

Of course. Yes and forever.

I have been dead for thousands of years.

Yes - 445956

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4 What's the Name of an English Speaking Country?

If u are being sarcastic that is too funny, because you got it right - westofohio

Hmmm... I don't know - TeamRocket747

Asia. - naFrovivuS


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5 What is the Actor from Apollo 13: T_M H_NKS?

M. Night Shamalamadingdong - naFrovivuS

Brad pitt - okokokko

Jim Carrey - PeeledBanana

Tom Hanks - 445956

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6 Where is Canada?

A country in North America between Alaska and the 48 continental states.

It's the North American version of Russia. Located between Alaska and Greenland.

It's between China and Iceland - PeeledBanana

North America, above USA - 445956

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7 Are You Looking at This List?

Nope, I am ordering... something important online now.

No - PeeledBanana

Yes - 445956

8 Is Mayonnaise an Instrument? Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?

No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument... And horseradish is not an instrument either! - PeeledBanana

Yes, it has been classified as a member of the wind/brass section. - naFrovivuS

Yep, string music instrument - Metal_Treasure

No - 445956

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9 When is U.S. Independence Day?

It's on independence day - okokokko

Sometime in the 7th month.

September 51st - PeeledBanana

September 11th I think.

Jokes aside, most non-Americans wouldn't know because this date has absolutely no significance to them, and several only know it because of the movie Independence Day. - Martin_Canine

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10 Am I Asking You a Question?

No, you are asking me an answer - Metal_Treasure

This one is hurting my brain! - EliHbk

No, not that I know off.

Yes - 445956

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11 What State is Los Angeles In?

Um Nevada, but I want to say something totally weird so... the Indian ocean.

This list is a tad bit too America centered. I had to google. - Martin_Canine

Asia, the country of Pakistan, off the coast of the Gulf of Cuba, in planet Kepler-320. - naFrovivuS

California - 445956

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12 What is the Franchise that Started with the Movie "A New Hope"?

Star Trek - judo8alex

Star Wars.

Grown Ups. - naFrovivuS

Star Wars - 445956

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13 How Old are You?

Jar of marmite is my favorite shape of the numerical alphabet. - naFrovivuS

"Red light, yellow light, green light, go! " - EliHbk

Not allowed to share my birth info - Neonco31

Baseball bat - PeeledBanana

14 What Eye Color Do You Have?

Totally red and black.

Orange or White - EliHbk

Brown - 445956

five - PeeledBanana

15 What is the Capital of Oklahoma?

Actually, even though its called Oklahoma City, a lot of people wouldn't know this... - judo8alex

Norwegian Falls of Saudi Arabia. - naFrovivuS

Oklahoma City - 445956

Tim Burton - PeeledBanana

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16 What's the Name a Beatles Song?

All eyez on me - okokokko

Stimulated. - naFrovivuS

Hey Jude - 445956

Unforgiven 4 - EliHbk

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17 What is America?

A song by Simon & Garfunkel (this is true by the way) - Metal_Treasure

A lake in Europe - Metal_Treasure

A country - 445956

A hell hole that we call a country.

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18 What Color is the Sky?

Orange and purple, couldn't see it any other way.

The color of a rose. - naFrovivuS


Blue - 445956

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19 What Color is Your Shirt?

I am not wearing a shirt now, I am wearing a dress my mom made me wear.

Excuse me...?! Oh...SHIRT! I'm not wearing one. - Britgirl

What shirt? - naFrovivuS

White - 445956

20 What is Your Name?

"It's Bob. But PLEASE call me Aretha Franklin! All my REAL friends do." - Britgirl

Metal_Treasure - Metal_Treasure

My name is Jeff - naFrovivuS

1812 Nazillo Pitt III - EliHbk

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21 If you are going 80 mph, how long will it take you to go 80 miles?
22 What Bird Did Australia Fight During "The Emu War"?

Emu - 445956

Pizza - PeeledBanana

23 Does this sentence have six words?

I hate math! - Frouze

Yes - 445956

24 What is 5 minus 2?


25 Which city is the capital of the United States?

Washington D.C.

Washington DC - 445956

26 Which is the national animal of the United States?

Bald eagle.

Bald Eagle - 445956

27 What is Antarctica?

It is the continent located at our Earth's south pole.

A continent - 445956

28 Which is the largest animal on Earth?

Blue whale.

Blue Whale - 445956

29 Which is the smallest animal on Earth?


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