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1 Gym

Ya it is if you care some girls don't understand that dressing out is important at my school. One girl very annoying about it. She "claims" her uniform was stolen but I know it is in her house. And I say that she can ask for a replace ment pair because they will give you one. And dressing-out is half of our grade. So she is failing. And it is because she a irresponsible a has no care for her grades and she is stupid. And I am sure that if when she finds out she is failing she will think she needs a perfect grade. This is why she has lower classes - lbelle0527

Just run around. It's one of the first things you've ever learned, therefore should come naturally.

You're graded for effort, so if you acutally try not to be a jerk, you'll do fine.

Hell yes

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2 Art

I am quite good at drawing. My class boys make fun of the cartoon characters by drawing a mustache, drawing a chain on a male character and much more. The teachers fell it like a short break period. We also form groups and draw a character. Then one of us color it, one draws a border and other things like that. I love my art period than other periods.

You get to talk the whole time and draw terribly and teachers don't mind. I can't draw but if you put effort in then teachers don't mind if you talk or listen to music.

Just to move your pencil and show your talent

Yes surely,I agree

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3 English

English is mostly just writing essays about books, poems etc. No research is usually required since you basically just make the arguments or points and then describe and expand them. This makes it pretty easy.

I don't know how did math become easy (smart people? ) but English and Math are complete opposites. Math is so complicated. But English? You don't even have to review to pass! Unlike math, where even if you review so very hard you still fail in the end, making it useless. Also, most nice teachers teach english. So easy subject+good teacher = heaven. Math teachers are meh.

Its your own language. You already know it. - lala222

SO easy it’s boring

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4 Music

I have perfect pitch, so obviously, this one is really easy for me. PE on the other hand... Well, I'm autistic and Physical Education (aka Piontless Exercise) does not come easy to me. Other than that, all the other subjects are pretty easy even though I have ADHD and don't focus well in school.

Music is just a wonderful thing and is a big part of my life. (no kidding! I've heard rumors that if you aren't exposed to music enough, you could loose this ability. I don't know if that's true or not, but I always listen to music in the car or when I'm bored just for the fun of it. I also play three instruments. )

Music is sometimes how I help return memories. I think of the type of music I listened to in that time period, and suddenly, waves of nostalgia and recollections sweep over me.

So anyway, yeah, music's a phenomenal thing and a significant part of my everyday life. - RockFashionista

Music is a big part of my life. I already play a full size violin at elementary school! I performed a REALLY HARD piece for my school during the talent show at 5th grade, everyone went wild! During that grade, I learned a Mozart Sonata.

Music is a big part of my life. I already play a full size violin at elementary school! I performed a REALLY HARD piece for my school during the talent show at 5th grade, everyone went wild!

Just sing this subject

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6 Spelling

Just memorize letters, that's it.

Yes, in my class, kids study like hell for a spelling test! Man, it's so simple. See, not a single spelling mistake in this comment! - Animefan12

How Dacia is this a subject

No for me - lbelle0527

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7 Math

For me, Math is the easiest subject. I found it easy since Grade 2. Just memorize how to do the equation and you'll get fast answers. For example, memorizing the multiplication will greatly improve your addition, multiplication and even division. Because of this, I found it the easiest and therefore wanted to pursue math. I am the school representative in Math since Grade 4 and didn't even found the contest so hard. I am consistently having grade ranging from 92-96(nearly 97), and believe it or not, I surpassed our valedictorian's grade at the last quarter which is 96.48 and mine is 96.81. And my lowest average per quarter is 93 and 95 being the highest. I am very shocked because I was only the 11th most intelligent person in our school(smarter than all boys). See, Math isn't really hard, it's just the perception that person always get wrong at simple things but the result is not even near it. Practice makes mastery guys, just memorize, analyze and solve. It doesn't mean that if you ...more

Math is easy because not 100% of it is memorization (unlike biology) and the answer is always right or wrong at absolute certainty (unlike Indonesian). The only difficulty I'm facing at mathematics is geometry, but that just because of the circle (too lazy to multiply the decimals of pi). - FnKk

Truly simple, you don't need to do much reading or analyzing. The answer is always right or wrong with absolute certainty and the question is always explicitly written to work with.

Ew no - pouria_mt

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8 Science

Science should be number 1 not "gym" it's actually PE any way back to science biology is probably the easiest for me because it's so easy to learn but another reason is that there isn't much math involved.

Yes Science is great! Physics are the best! Anyways why is Gym so high on here? It's PE and It tries to steel what's inside of you as a trait. - Jake09

Anyone who hasn't studied physics/quantum physics should. It is so interesting. Also astronomy. Biology and Chemistry too.

Science is interesting and entertaining subject

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9 Spanish

Spanishnis easier than any class I have came across. It is very easy to pick up and it's fun to help people who do not know the proper words to say.

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10 Health

Health is the combination of easy and boring.

All you need to do is listen. - lala222

Health class sounds nasty from what my older cousin told me. They show you videos about puberty! - RockFashionista

Health is number one. Want to learn? Want to know more about the humanbody. Health is number 1! All you need to do is make sure it doesn't go through the other ear.

It's ok but disturbing my health teacher says that it's like any other class but you will be saying penis out loud - lbelle0527

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11 Dance

Move your body. That's it. - lala222

I just love dancing

I love to dance

Hate it so much

12 Social Studies

I think social studies is very easy if you study but my friend thinks that it's hard just because she has to read a couple of passages and write a summary about them to answer the questions for her homework

Listen to the teacher. Then you have everything you need to know. - lala222

No it is not easy.

No math. Not as much reading as English.

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13 Orchestra
14 Tech

Tech is so good, you get too design things of your choice and then in the end take them home

NOW a days any things we will be higher tech now a descover new mech

So easy I mean just LISTEN boom u have a A

15 French

So easy, I don't need to study or anything. Easiest subject ever for me! I keep getting A1s on tests in this

Its just like English. Most words are almost the same right? - lala222

16 History

For my opinion, I think history is the most easy subject. Well I am from Korea, but Korea's history is very fun. Also, it is very long. If you guys have time I hope you will try to search about Korean history.

History is the easiest and the best, you just need to have good knowledge first before you attempt History. Singapore History in my opinion is the easiest.

You don't have to do much but memorise topics for exams and textbooks/sources are easy to find for essays. - BananaSpider

There is really no skill or "practice" so that you understand history better. History is all about memorization, so if you study you're good to go. Shout outs to Mr.Fortunato, my history teacher at Memphis Rise! You're that best, your also very attractive. # Go Stanford Cardinals! Nov.14.2017. 8:10 thinking about you.

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17 Hindi


No. - pouria_mt

18 Family and Consumer Science
19 Malayalam

As a malayalee, I think malayaalam is the toughest among all the above...

20 German
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