Easiest School Subjects

Don't agree with the list? thats all right! tell me what you think! Have fun looking at this and tell all your friends to look at this! thanks.

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1 Gym

I got a 100% in this subject - ArcticWolf

Yeah, I'm kinda bad at algebra

It is most easy for me there should be 3 classes of gym every day

It's difficult mentally, maybe not physically. Geez, people at our school are harsh with this thing. - MaxAurelius

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2 Art

The best one in the list...its fun, really, it is

I love IT

You just do what you can. Plus it’s fun - blackflower

I am quite good at drawing. My class boys make fun of the cartoon characters by drawing a mustache, drawing a chain on a male character and much more. The teachers fell it like a short break period. We also form groups and draw a character. Then one of us color it, one draws a border and other things like that. I love my art period than other periods.

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3 English

Breeziest class for me but probs only because I read and write during my free time because I genuinely enjoy it not for a good grade

In my school, English is tricky. - SpinelliFan

It's easy. - OrangeRin

I always get a's

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4 Music

Music is where you can create ideas and compose songs. I find it one of the most easiest subjects, where Math, I am good at timesing, adding, subtracting, division, long multiplication (etc), but I am the worst when it comes to algebra. Does 8 x b=8b? What does SxR even make? I know that it sometimes stands for something in the question but sometimes, they do not even give the question...

I have perfect pitch, so obviously, this one is really easy for me. PE on the other hand... Well, I'm autistic and Physical Education (aka Piontless Exercise) does not come easy to me. Other than that, all the other subjects are pretty easy even though I have ADHD and don't focus well in school.

Music is just a wonderful thing and is a big part of my life. (no kidding! I've heard rumors that if you aren't exposed to music enough, you could loose this ability. I don't know if that's true or not, but I always listen to music in the car or when I'm bored just for the fun of it. I also play three instruments. )

Music is sometimes how I help return memories. I think of the type of music I listened to in that time period, and suddenly, waves of nostalgia and recollections sweep over me.

So anyway, yeah, music's a phenomenal thing and a significant part of my everyday life. - RockFashionista


Music is a big part of my life. I already play a full size violin at elementary school! I performed a REALLY HARD piece for my school during the talent show at 5th grade, everyone went wild! During that grade, I learned a Mozart Sonata.

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5 Math

Ignorance of learning disabilities calling math easy.

It's easy. You just need to memorize the equation. You barely even need to practice -- a couple of questions, and if you memorized the equations well enough, well you're done. No more memorizing required. This is why I can easily get 100% in math without even revising.

to be honest, advanced math is VERY VERY HARD, but HIGHSCHOOL MATH is unbelievably easy. The math that my school is teaching now... oh my, I finished learning all that a decade ago. Now I'm in Grade 9 and my school still teaches basic trigonometry, and no exaggeration, I literally finished that in primary school.

For me, Math is the easiest subject. I found it easy since Grade 2. Just memorize how to do the equation and you'll get fast answers. For example, memorizing the multiplication will greatly improve your addition, multiplication and even division. Because of this, I found it the easiest and therefore wanted to pursue math. I am the school representative in Math since Grade 4 and didn't even found the contest so hard. I am consistently having grade ranging from 92-96(nearly 97), and believe it or not, I surpassed our valedictorian's grade at the last quarter which is 96.48 and mine is 96.81. And my lowest average per quarter is 93 and 95 being the highest. I am very shocked because I was only the 11th most intelligent person in our school(smarter than all boys). See, Math isn't really hard, it's just the perception that person always get wrong at simple things but the result is not even near it. Practice makes mastery guys, just memorize, analyze and solve. It doesn't mean that if you ...more

How many essays did you write in math?
Math is the most objective subject. If the answer is a=17, and your answer is a=17, it is correct, no doubt.

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6 Spelling

I was going to write an entire novel about how I feel vastly superior because I can spell and pronounce words better than everyone else but then I realized I don't have a Spelling class.

Just memorize letters, that's it.

Yes, in my class, kids study like hell for a spelling test! Man, it's so simple. See, not a single spelling mistake in this comment! - Animefan12

How Dacia is this a subject

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7 Science

Science should be number 1 in this list. Not the gym. It is probably the easiest.

Science should be number 1 not "gym" it's actually PE any way back to science biology is probably the easiest for me because it's so easy to learn but another reason is that there isn't much math involved.

Yes Science is great! Physics are the best! Anyways why is Gym so high on here? It's PE and It tries to steel what's inside of you as a trait. - Jake09

Anyone who hasn't studied physics/quantum physics should. It is so interesting. Also astronomy. Biology and Chemistry too.

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8 Social Studies

so easy

I think social studies is very easy if you study but my friend thinks that it's hard just because she has to read a couple of passages and write a summary about them to answer the questions for her homework

Listen to the teacher. Then you have everything you need to know. - lala222

No it is not easy.

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9 Drama

I love drama! it's so easy and fun!

Act. Simple. - lala222

not easy

10 Spanish

In mine state another language is or french or german or russian or english or spanish you just need to make a choice what language you wanna learn sorry for bad english because I chose russian

Spanish is a very hard

That's really easy

Spanishnis easier than any class I have came across. It is very easy to pick up and it's fun to help people who do not know the proper words to say.

The Contenders

11 Health

Health is the combination of easy and boring.

All you need to do is listen. - lala222

Health class sounds nasty from what my older cousin told me. They show you videos about puberty! - RockFashionista

Health is number one. Want to learn? Want to know more about the humanbody. Health is number 1! All you need to do is make sure it doesn't go through the other ear.

It's ok but disturbing my health teacher says that it's like any other class but you will be saying penis out loud - lbelle0527

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12 Dance

Move your body. That's it. - lala222

I just love dancing

I love to dance

Hate it so much

13 Orchestra
14 Geography

How is this so low?! It's basically naming countries and colouring flags

I find Geography very easy since kindergarden.

Easiest and best subject ever.

I take geography and can’t say I’ve ever once had to colour in a flag or named a country apart from as an example or case study. Your comment is honestly depressing...

15 Tech

Tech is so good, you get too design things of your choice and then in the end take them home

NOW a days any things we will be higher tech now a descover new mech

So easy I mean just LISTEN boom u have a A

At least in my region, there are a few application-based specialized schools for engineering, which includes tech. I take manufacturing and energy engineering. In manufacturing class, we 3D print models, weld metal, print laser engraved designs, etc. In energy class, we research energy sources in depth, build wind turbines and circuits, etc.

I’m guessing called tech classes is because they embrace the latest technology. Overall, both classes are easy because I’m interested in STEM. Oh also, I’m just wondering what other tech classes are like in other schools - Kwaysar

16 History

Best subject with art.

Worst Subject

History is fun and simple if you enjoy it. its like solving a mystery

For my opinion, I think history is the most easy subject. Well I am from Korea, but Korea's history is very fun. Also, it is very long. If you guys have time I hope you will try to search about Korean history.

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17 French

It is the best. I am studying it from 5th class.

So easy, I don't need to study or anything. Easiest subject ever for me! I keep getting A1s on tests in this

Its just like English. Most words are almost the same right? - lala222

18 Pre-Algebra

Many people don't even have to study for Pre-Algebra tests and they still get 100%.

19 German

I have a good teacher, I have learnt quickly and easily

20 Family and Consumer Science
21 Recess

Recess isn't a school subject.

Also known as play break.

You just play and have fun

It fun

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22 Choir

I love Choir!

You just sing! SO EASY!

Chorus is fun, except for for the parts when we have vocal tests and I cannot hit the high notes AT ALL! But singing is the best

I know this fits in music, but I excel in this subject

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23 Cooking

I like cooking

Easy peasy.

24 Piano Piano

It's so easy but I don't think their school that teaches just piano because music is the must hard and understandable subject that I had

The songs are nice

25 Grammar

What I'm known for. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy, cockamamie ratallouie. - MaxAurelius

26 Urdu

Why is Urdu on 30 I mean Why? You Don,t even need a teacher to teach you and you don,t even get bored.
Now tell me any other subject that doesn't require a teacher? No, Right.

Where do they teach Urdu? Like seriously?

27 Chinese 1

If u can speak Chinese then most of the pronunciation will be easy
Writing is just hard as hell

Cantonese is so easy I speak it and I'm fluent in it but Mandarin is so hard and reading/writing both is PURE TORTURE

28 Biology

Some topics such as the reproductive system is covered every year which makes passing this subject easy. - BananaSpider

29 Media Studies
30 Physics
31 Ethics
32 Sociology

Trust me this is very easy it's all about common sense.

33 General Knowledge
34 Home Economics
35 Electronics

Electronics is a very easy subject. All you have to do is make a circuit.

36 Life Skills

It's all basic kindergarten math...

37 Computer Lab
38 Malayalam

As a malayalee, I think malayaalam is the toughest among all the above...

39 Hindi

Yes Hindi is the most easiest subject

No. - pouria_mt


40 Arabic

Who put this on here? they must not know how hard and complicated arabic is - TheParable

ARABIC IS EASEY? I'm sure that anyone who voted for this doesn't study arabic because its VERY hard

Ewww. I'm from iran amd I had to study this for 6 years. I hate it it's so hard amd useless evem my teacher can't speak it pelropetly - pouria_mt

41 Religious Education

We just watch movies the whole time

42 Kannada

It is easiest subject of all

43 Photography

All you do is take pictures and edit and you get college credit.

44 Physical Education

SO the last one is also the first one. - MaxAurelius

This is easy all its matter is your talent and energy

45 Psychology

The easiest class ever!

46 Information and Communications Technology
47 Religious Studies

I don't know how people find this so hard it’s legit just using a bit of brain!

48 Greek Mythology
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