Top Ten Easiest Skateboarding Tricks

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1 Ollie

My first trick it took me 2 days to learn it

Pretty easy took me a couple days

2 Manual

The manual is the easiest trick in my opinnion. It takes time to master but even you make a short manual it counts. The ollie or the shove it are also easy but they took me more time than the manual.
Take note that in this list also appears the "wheelie" which I thing it is the same than the Manual (but Manual is the most usual name)

3 Pop Shuv It

I landed it on my 7th try but I think it may be easier trying it goofy if your regular and vice versa

Really hard I learned it in a day but fell so many times, takes a lot of hardwork and remember pads

4 Indy

So easy more easy than kick flip

5 180
6 Kickflip

One of the easiest

Kickflips are really easy

7 Heelflip

A cool trick just like the kick flip

8 Nose Manual V 1 Comment
9 Tre Flip

Why is this on this list?

10 50-50 Grind

The Contenders

11 Nollie

Easier than all the other contenders other than Ollie and manuel

12 Wheelie

SO so so so so easy on a skateboard, but it os pretty flippi' hard on a bike.
Oh, keeping your skateboard strait while you are going down a hill still counts as a whellie

V 1 Comment
13 New York Nut Buster

Nutting off again

It is painful

14 Shuvit
15 Boneless
16 360

Hi, this is supremely easy and epic so how about just going along with this awesomely epic fun and thrilling to watch and thrilling to ride, trick.

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