Top 10 Easiest Sonic Bosses

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1 Drill Car - Sonic 2

Lol you don't even have to move around you can just stay in one spot and jump up and down and you beat him

Sonic is the fastest hedgehog on earth, on the other hand this boss moves at 2 feet per hour.

I could have 10 beers, be totally wasted, and mutilate this boss! In fact, he's so easy, I don't remember ever dying against him!

They see him rolling and there hating it

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2 Chaos 0 - Sonic Adventure

Has the least health out of every single boss in the game

3 Shadow - Sonic Adventure 2

The second fight was actually quite challenging. The first was horribly easy.

Even easier with the bounce upgrade just bounce on him and you win

Don't get me wrong, he's easy, but chaos zero is easier.

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4 Egg Dealer - Shadow the Hedgehog

Give Shadow Chaos Blast? What idiot does that!

This fight isn't just easy its easy and fun I play the boss a thousand times just to kick is butt

Only hard thing is his huge amount of health

I agree with the person who calls this boss an idiot egg man or robotnik has AN IQ OF 300 joking he has an IQ of 0 dumber than a brick

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5 Egg Nega Wisp/Nega Mother Wisp - Sonic Colors/DS

I would always defeat these bosses and get an S rank

6 Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleshed

This should have been the 2nd or 3rd boss because never do I give this boss a chance to attack unless I miss and get hit

7 Egg Turtle - Sonic Rivals

This is basicllythe first boss of the game. Just attack him a few times and next thing you know DEAD

8 The Dark Queen - Sonic and the Black Knight V 1 Comment
9 Egg Cerberus - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Just hit the statues for double damage


10 Chaos 6 (Big the Cat) - Sonic Adventure

Its easy but annoying to get the hook in the little target area - stoner69


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11 Silver Sonic - Sonic 2

An expert gamer could beat this boss before his 3rd attack

I can beat him before his 4th attack

12 Erazor Dijin - Sonic and the Secret Rings

A final boss being number 10 on the easiest bosses. There are 9 bosses easier then this.

On the part where he comes at you, wait for the tip to go away, then jump. It's too easy.

13 EGG-HVC-001 (Palmtree Panic boss) - Sonic CD

In the beginning of the boss fight, get to very right and after boss fell wait a second then attack!

14 Chemical Plant Boss - Sonic 2

This guy is just a joke you kill him before he's done filling up his uhh water. We'll there's traps this makes you fall but this boss is still really easy

15 Egg Hawk - Sonic Heroes
16 Tree Crawler Boss (Mecha Green Hill Zone) - Sonic Chaos

Hang on, yes this is an easy boss but why is this and the boss above the same? - 2lazyhere

Just bounce around on him and you'll beat him in less than ten seconds. laugh out loud ROFL

17 Sandopolis Zone 1 Boss - Sonic 3 and Knuckles
18 King Arthur Second Time - Sonic and the Black Knight

He's so easy I can beat him in less than 20 seconds

19 Egg Beetle - Sonic Unleashed

To be honest this boss was pretty easy after I got used to the controls

20 Black Bull (Lethal Highway) - Shadow the Hedgehog

I played this boss and beat him in less than 1:30 seconds, by some sort of glitch I attacked in the belly not the eye (weakness) while in Chaos control and damaged him. NOTE: NO GUNS USED

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