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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.


Baseball players have the ability to play other sports easily like football or soccer since parts of baseball are very similar to those sports. But put a football, soccer, or basketball player up to the plate against somebody throwing a ball 80-100 mph from 60 feet away. Baseball is definitely the most mentally challenging game. You need good timing and reaction. Though its not as physically demanding as football or basketball, it's still one of the hardest sports you could ever play

Baseball is the hardest sport to play. You have to practice and learn the game. You have to be mentally tough and physically touch because in baseball batters often get hit with the ball and still have to run the bases. Try getting your mind around that and then coming up to bat again and crowding the plate without being afraid. You have to have extremely good hand eye coordination to even make contact with the ball at great speeds while at bat and to field a grounder or catch a fly ball which is difficult even for major league players let a long little leaguers in the World Series who make the plays look super easy when in reality hours of practice and athleticism goes into making a single good play. If you place a baseball player in a soccer game to run down the field or in a football game to throw or caught a pass they would dominate but if you stuck a soccer or football player in the batter's box or on the field they wouldn't be able to get a hit or identify a pitch which is a ...more

Baseball is one of the most difficult sports to play, all you guys saying it's easy you try it. To the guys who say it isn't demanding and just luck, try hitting a ball 85-100 MPH, you won't "get lucky". And pitchers get rest because they have to throw 100 pitches at 85-100 MPH and they'd otherwise blow their arm out. As for defense, you couldn't field a ground ball hit by any pro player with power, Giancarlo Stanton for example, and not jump out of the way and if you did happen to field it good luck throwing them out

You guys obviously know nothing about baseball. You don't stand around 90% of the time, because if you did, you would faint. There is so much going on in a baseball game and you have very little time to make decisions.

It's funny that the people who are dissing on baseball for being "easy" are probably the same people who couldn't make it on a high school team because they couldn't even have the hand eye coordination to touch the ball let alone hit it

This sport requires minimal athleticism. The only time you actually run is bases and outfield. ONLY 3 players are in the outfield and baseball games are low scored and hitting a baseball rarely occurs. So most of the time you do nothing

In baseball when you are in the field most of the time you are just standing there. And when you are batting you only get to hit like 4 times. So most of the time you just sit in the bench watching. And you can be extremely Un athletic and play 1st back or catcher and still do well. I respect the game and it can sometimes be fun to watch. But is is just so boring to play and you do like nothing.

Baseball player get out seven out of ten times to be in the hall of fame and that means u have to have heart to play baseball

The most boring sport to watch, a little more exciting to play, but not that much. Wait 1/2 the game, and run even less. - lawrencehu

90 percent of the game you are just standing there and doing nothing, this sport requires no athleticism what so ever. Look at soccer players, they run 7 miles on average and the mental state they need to be in is insane. Baseball is the worst sport ever and soccer is the best sport ever

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! I used to do baseball. It's hard to hit the ball from a fast pitcher. You have to think where you're going to throw the ball if you get it when playing defense.

This is a joke that soccer is before baseball. Baseball players have no athletic capability and they stand in the fields for long periods of doing nothing. - cnjdombrow

Ya I bet less than 99 percent of the world could hit a 94 mph fast ball 400 plus feet and then a ball that breaks 14 inches down in half a second
None of you people have ever played baseball and if so there were throwing 50 mph
All of you couldn't hit a ball, catch a fly ball, or feild a ground ball without practice

Baseball is a sport but It is closer to a past-time than a competition

Umm hitting and round ball with a round bat I the hardest thing to do in sports.Also,if you get a base hit 3 out of 10 times you are considered great

This sport is actually harder than you think it is if you think this sport is easy than appearantly you are not normal because it isn't easy

To whoever the idiots are who voted golf #1, I'd like to see you try it...

I will kill whoever said this. You try hitting a 100 mile per hour Pictish come into at you. You go try to play with even the 12 and they be better than you because you aren't good enough to play baseball. I can th No of 132 sports that are easyier than baseball.

The only hard part is not growing bored watching out of shape guys run around in circles.

Because all you got to do is run hit a ball or catch

Just hit and run... If your a fast runner, you're going to do okay.. Its pretty SIMPLE - SmoothCriminal

Oh ok. You try hitting a 90 mph ball that’s breaking and try to get it out of the infield without dropping the bat. You try hitting it 400+ feet. You try catching a 100 mph ball being hit at you. You try pitching 90 mph and then you can say it’s easy.