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21 Horse Riding

NON-EQUESTRIAN HATERS PLEASE READ! Ok ok non-equestrians saying It's not a sport I've got something for you.

For those of you inexperienced with horses and watching Olympic Equestrian events, it may look as though the horse is doing most the work, but...no. OW, and no. Imagine sitting on a big exercise ball, but not able to put your feet on the ground but rather gripping the sides of it with your lower leg and thigh (not just sitting--in fact, your butt should be light). For posting trot, squeeze from your upper thighs and knees so you lift your butt off the ball--yes, still without letting your feet touch the ground--and maintain your balance/center. (Stirrups are for extra security and a balance aid, not for pushing against. Watch the Olympic riders' stirrups -- they barely move because they're using their legs to grip, so their feet are still). Balance yourself so you don't just roll off. Then imagine the ball moving every which way and bouncing. Then imagine the ball having ...more

Don't even try to win this one guys... horseback riding is the HARDEST sport in the world. Who do you think controls it? Who do you think tells it when to jump? "You just sit there" "The horse does all the work" "It's easy" WE HAVE TO COMMUNICATE WITH AN ANIMAL THAT SPEAKS A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. WE RISK OUR LIVES FOR A SPORT. WE RIDE AN ANIMAL THAT COULD KILL US INSTANTLY. Don't deny it, we all know you're jealous that you can't make riding a horse while paying attention to leads, diagonals, speed and having the correct posture and remembering the course while trying to make it LOOK easy.

Horse riding cracks me up... I mean crufts is hard because you have to run along side dogs and that run super fast yet for someone obviously had sense and saw its down to the dogs ability like horse ridind is down to the horse. Lets face the fact if I was a millionaire I could probably win the olympics as I have done proper sport my full life (triathlon) so I have way more endurance (muscular and cardiovascular) than most jockeys and because I would be loaded I could just buy a well trained horse as I have more muscle than all the horse riders I know I'm sure I would be fine when it comes to the riding element. And ok I get the skill is hard but so is darts and most darts players play after a few pints also maths is hard but people still don't crack on pretending it's a sport. So to all horse riders try a proper sport like rowing, swimming, running or anything else so you can realise the truth

I am a vegan I don't approve of anyone who uses horses like this very upset. 0/10, needs less horses - wdhjwqhdqw

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22 Auto Racing

Yes of course this is a sport it is very intense and you should show some respect you smelly poo

Your just driving can't get easier than that

Is this even a sport?

23 Walking

Okay, even a toddler can do this "sport". Please, this shouldn't even be apart of this controversy.

Really why isn't this first

They actually do have competitive walking. - Kaboom

Walking is the best!

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24 Softball

Softball is not a easy sport it is hard on pitchers, catchers, and batters it is hard on the pitchers because the wind up can mess up a pitchers shoulder and they have pressure on them to throw accurate pitches. It is hard on catchers because they have to worry about getting the players out by like throw downs and they can throw their arm out. It is also hard on batters because they have to have a good bat speed that it's quick enough to hit the ball but it takes patience sometimes when hitting because it might be a slower pitcher and you might not be use to slow pitches and they may swing to fast because they are impatient and they are too anxious to hit the ball

Softball is one of the hardest sports because if you get injured you can sometimes. I play catcher and pitcher so I need so much water I sometimes feel sick.

Softball and baseball is the hardest sports ever you need to know a lot like stealing catching hitting throwing bunting pitching and so many more I can't fit it all.

Softball is a hard thing to do especially with the pitches about a slow ride on a bike, for the speed, from a good pitcher is hard to get the perfect spot and at the same time. these things hurt so bad when you get hit for how fast and hard the ball goes.

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25 Field Hockey
26 Kickball

This is so easy I only played this with my friends in elementary school it's easier than baseball because your using your feet and it's not coming at you fast I don't thin I have missed kicking the ball 2 times and the time I missed it I was in 1rest grade!

The only hard part is getting an out - jbatista

It is very hard to see the ball hit your foot and know where to run when you hit it. And it's very hard to tell non baseball players what to do when it's hit cause they are like 2 year olds when it comes to listening

So easy

27 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

I find many and many of sports easier than this. Maybe that's because I'm from India

My game it should be on top hmmm tired of finding cricket

Isn't this an animal

Sooo easy! Batting: see the ball and hit

28 Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

I play hockey and I can tell you if you don't play hockey you will never know what it's like to skate, stick handle, look for a team mate to pass to or shoot, avoid getting flattened by an opponent, and much more all at once. - mattyice2826

Hockey is so hard! People say they know hockey, but you don't really know the rules unless you've played for a few years

It is a lot of fun you could also play floor hockey inside the gym and everybody I know enjoys it!

I'm both an I. Hockey player and I know it's a really difficult sport. Its very dangeorus and it needs a lots of phisical fittness and tactic.

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29 Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.

Lacrosse takes lots of practice and determination. It combines the hard hitting of football, the running of soccer, the mental aspect of chess, and the hand eye coordination like no other sport. This sport is so good because it's so hard to find people that are great at it!

Lax is a sport for dudes

30 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

You're kidding right, skateboarding in 25th place? It should be in last. This sport is SO HARD. It takes time, dedication, hard work, mental strength, physical strength, confidence, a good mindset, determination, creativity, balance, and coordination to pull off tricks. It's difficult to consistently land tricks, you fall all the time and you can get hurt super easily. It took me months to learn to ollie, and two years to learn how to kickflip, and those are two of the most basic tricks. No way is skateboarding easy. All those pros you see out there, all those really good steezy sponsored skateboarders that have been skating non stop for years, they didn't just sit around and relax to get that good. They work hard, every single day for hours, working on getting that one trick they've been trying to do for ages. They overcome falls, get back on their board and try a switch 360 heelflip body varials down a 10 stair or whatever again. Skateboarding is so damn hard, it shouldn't even be ...more

So fun to skateboard.

Is not nessasarily THAT EASY!

31 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

I've wrestled for five years and it's so much harder than people think it is. I'm not going to say it's the hardest sport ever. But people think it's an easy sport because the match is only six minutes with a possible extra minute to break a tie. This sport requires you to memorize countless moves that your taught done incorrectly could seriously hurt yourself or opponent. It requires you to not eat for some times days at a time so that you can try and make weight only to maybe not wrestle in your match. It also requires both upper and lower body strength. Couple that with endless amounts oh sprints and then miles apon miles that you run to get into shape for that six minute match. Then there's the endless amount of push ups, pull ups and sit up along with climbing of ropes. So believe me this sport is not a sport that you can just pick up lightly there's a reason why many wrestlers also run track or cross country during the off season.

I've played football and baseball and you can pick things up really quick and you don't exactly have to be in really great shape. But this is my second year wrestling and it's by far the toughest thing I've ever done. It mentally and physically drains you every day and getting a technique that you're comfortable with and can do without really thinking can take a long time.

Its a physical and mental sport need lots of conditioning to do

Its very hard

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32 Ice Skating

This sport is really hard actually. I've broken my shoulder, strained my wrist twice, and had a friend
who had to get stiches because of figure skating. It is not easy! You must land every jump perfectly, spin really fast in complicated positions at least eight times, and perform complex footwork steps, all while smiling in a freezing mini dress on ice. Also, figure skaters can often suffer from eating disorders and have to be physically and mentally very fit. Like I said it is NOT easy!

I'm a figure skating and it is a REALLY hard sport I have broken my wrist twice in less than a year and you have to land everything perfectly and I spin are really hard

Ice skating is hard you HAVE to land EVERY move perfectly or you'll end up with something cold and broken (Unless it's kiddie stuff with barriers around you)

I'm a kid I do ice skating I would say it's the hardest sport I've tried and I've tried all of them but I like ice skating the most

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33 Running Running

This is exhausting, not hard

Ecerybody thinks its hard just because I swag foolio do bro so though.

34 Dodgeball

I'm good at dodgeball and I've only played 6 games. All you do is wait for someone to throw a ball, pick it up, throw it, rinse and repeat.

The easiest and best sport ever. Throw. Dodge. Just a couple more rules and you're all set. - sdgeek2003

Throw, Dodge, Catch, Easy

Throw dodge. Done

35 Horseshoes V 4 Comments
36 Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is one of the least easiest sports on this list, bull crap its not even a sport. A moron is who ever made this list.


37 Cycling

Cycling is easy.

That guy who said cycling is boring should actually try cycling.

Worst sport in the world #boring

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38 Equestrian

I compete in equestrian sports, and also swim. Personally, I find them both as physically demanding, but for different reasons.

I believe that equestrian disciplines are, in many ways, similar to gymnastics.

It requires a considerable amount of controlled, prolonged'strength' rather than movement in the sense that something like athletics might require.

I'm not for a moment implying or suggesting that athletics/swimming e tc. i s any easier than horse riding or gymnastics, but suggesting that movement and prolonged'strength' are different.

A lot of people perceive that horse riding is easy, because they don't see the rider moving.

However, that is predominantly the reason why it is so challenging.

Highly controlled, small movements are much harder to maintain for a long period of time than big, fast but less controlled movements. For example, when exercising your arms, moving them in small, slow circles for 10 minutes is harder than swinging ...more

Horse ridding is the opposite of easy! You on are top of an animal 10 times bigger than you and it has a mind of its own! To be able to stay on a horse and look good doing it you have to be a great athlete. One of the hardest sports ever.

Heels down, thumbs up, right diagonal, right lead, look ahead, sit up all while controlling a 1, 000 pound animal with a mind of its own. Riding at 20mph torwards a sturdy wall that can stand taller than you. All while making it look easy and simple.

It's just awesome. It's very hard and if you think it's easy it's because you never tried.

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39 Rounders

Very easy to do ( hit the ball, run, try go around all bases and then you get a rounder

40 Rugby

Football's angry brother. No padding, lots of contact Ex: Tackles, scrums, rucks. A lot of conditioning, long games with maybe 5 minutes half depending on the Sir. Also a lot of kicks to the head, elbows to the head, and punches if you play a dirty team and the Sir doesn't see it. Very common in a large ruck..

Football is harder

Whats rugby

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