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41 Scootering

It is fun and can sometimes be a challenge.

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42 Stock Car Racing

NASCAR is harder than you think. These drivers have to control loose cars and going 3 wide. It's not just left turns

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43 Rugby

Football's angry brother. No padding, lots of contact Ex: Tackles, scrums, rucks. A lot of conditioning, long games with maybe 5 minutes half depending on the Sir. Also a lot of kicks to the head, elbows to the head, and punches if you play a dirty team and the Sir doesn't see it. Very common in a large ruck..

Football is harder

Whats rugby

44 Dance

Dance is one of the hardest sports! You have to hold three tines your body weight be extremely flexible learn some gymnastics/cheerleading! Its crazy! So it's good its not on the list

I think dance is nice if you are flexible but it puts a lot of pressure on your lower body with all the moving and spinning and jumping.

45 Water Polo

Yeah, because being drowned while trying to play sport is easy.
Being swum on top of is easy.
Being pushed under so you can't breath for ages is DEFINITELY easy.
Learning all the rules is easy.
Game strategy is easy.
Swimming while people are ripping off your suit is easy.

Note that sarcasm.

But seriously, whoever put this on here obviously knows very little about water polo, because it should not feature on this list at all.

Hah, how is this easy? Do you know it's way harder to move in water than running? People jump on top of you, nearly drown you, and rip off your suit.

I have always been bad at water polo
it is so hard

46 Roller Derby

I love roller skating I good at it so roller derby is easy for me

(Mainley for girls) all you basicity need to be good at is roller skating and Blocking, the rest is just rules

47 Weightlifting
48 Thumb Wrestling

Ok this shouldn't even be counted as a sport

The training for this sport it outrageous! I train 5 hours a day, with my grandma, she has big hands

It's actually the hardest sport. It's impossible to win a man with large hands

This is so easy

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49 Throw Tennis

Do I throw a tennis ball?

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