Top Ten Easiest TopTenners to Make Friends With

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1 Britgirl

I never made easier friends with anyone other than Tina. From the first time I messaged her, I felt she was very nice and a very admirable user. Not forgetting she was my main inspiration to become a TopTenner

She's nice to talk to.

2 GaryTheSnail

I'll be nice to anyone, as long as they return the favor. Thank you for the mention.

Really nice guy. Someone I can relate to. Also a good person to talk to

Well he is the nicest person here.

3 PositronWildhawk

Pozzy's an... Interesting one... Our conversations are strange-but treasured! A much-valued friend of mine!

I've been friends with Pos for over two years. My first friend and follow. Intelligent and funny. And a good listener too

This guys sounds awesome.

4 EpicJake
5 Catacorn

I liked her fairly quickly.

6 Nintendofan126

You forgot to put "Fan." In my name.

7 PizzaGuy

Yo mama so fat every time she order pizza but she eat,s the pizza guy

He's fun to talk to.

8 Billyv
9 kaitlynrad11

Wow, thanks for adding me to this list!

10 RockStarr

Of course, he is so approachable.

The Contenders
11 RiverClanRocks

Of course! She's one of the friendliest and most awesome users on the site!

She's a pretty chill person.

Thanks to whoever added me!

12 Devonchi
13 RockFashionista
14 AnonymousChick
15 Jonerman
16 TwilightKitsune
17 jmepa1234

Thank you for including me. I'd like to return the compliment.

18 CityGuru
19 keycha1n

My Favorite Artist : )

20 SamuiNeko

If you get to message her, you'd have fun. A lot of fun that you'd be friends!

She's a good friend

21 CastlevaniaFanboy128
22 e9090
23 MontyPython

What can I say? I'm an open person!

24 PetSounds

I was talking to him just now and I realised he's a really nice guy

25 FlareLightX

He could easily fit in these kind of lists, thought he was already on here? As I remember, he messaged me first and we made friends pretty easily since then. Almost everyone who messaged him becomes good friends with him. I think because he is fun to message

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