Top Ten Easiest Ukulele Chords

These are the easiest ukulele chords for me personally.If you think differently vote or make a remix.

The Top Ten

1 C6

Just strum and you just did a C6 - PianoQueen

Yes, I agree, It is easy as pie! - Fandom_Lover

2 A minor 7

Am7 is just all open strings

The same as C6 - PianoQueen

3 C

You put your ring finger on the A string third fret - PianoQueen

Easiest one... - Fandom_Lover

4 F add 9

You put your pointer finger on the E string first fret - PianoQueen

5 A minor

You just put your middle finger on the G string second fret. - PianoQueen

6 F

Like the A minor but you put your pointer finger on the E string, first fret - PianoQueen

7 Bb minor 7

Just put your pointer finger across the first fret. - PianoQueen

This chord is a favorite of Hugh Kalailee - Billyv

8 D

You put your finger across the second fret except for the G string - PianoQueen

9 G

This chord is easy with practice, but hard at first - PianoQueen

It was hard for me at first, then I mastered it. - Fandom_Lover

10 Bb

This chord is pretty hard. - PianoQueen

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