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21 Papu Papu - Crash Bandicoot

This is the easiest boss ever. His only attack are trying to hit you with his tribal staff and spinning in a circle with his staff sticking out. All you have to do is jump on his head three times and then he's dead. that's it.

He is the obese leader of the tribesmen of N. Sanity Island.

Just stand in one spot, jump over his attacks, and strike when a possibility comes.
Papu Papu deserves a chance.

22 King Statue - Mother 3
23 Lololo and Lalala - Kirby Super Star
24 Egg Hawk - Sonic Heroes

I honestly don't think anyone has died against this guy

25 Metal Man - Mega Man 2
26 Burt the Bashful - Yoshi's Island
27 Dyna Blade - Kirby Air Ride
28 Dingodile - Crash Bandicoot Warped

Dingodile is a hybrid between a crocodile and a dingo. He caries a flame thrower with a big tank on his back and speaks with an Australian accent.

All you have to do is jump over his barrier of crystals and hit him three times so that his tank will set off an alarm and will then self-destruct.

29 Scornet Maestro - Pikmin

The concept of the fight is good, but come on! He is so easy! I never lost a single pikmin to this guy! The Armored Mawdad was way harder!

30 Lord Crump - 1st Battle - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Not even possible to die on this, legit not even a boss, should be number 1

31 Whispy Woods - Kirby Series

Ridiculously easy this should 1 the worlds worst gamer (terrible tomy) could do this without even trying unbelievable by far easiest video game boss in history

32 Gohma - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

All you do is hit him with a seed then slash his eye two times. He doesn't even do anything, I just would stand there and he would stand there and watch me. Just awful. Pure Awful.

Why are people so critical about Gohma being so easy? DUH it's the first boss, what did you expect!?

33 The Two Mandibugs - Super Mario Galaxy 2 V 1 Comment
34 Adeline - Kirby 64
35 Bianca - 1st Battle - Pokemon Black & White V 1 Comment
36 Glamdozer - Super Mario Galaxy 2
37 Egg-O-Matic - Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)
38 Topmaniac - Super Mario Galaxy
39 Altair Phase 2 - Bomberman 64
40 1st Boss - Invasion
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