Top 10 Easiest Ways to Make a Movie Overrated

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1 For superhero movies, send your audience into a complete stupor of disbelief by having the main hero be something OTHER than white male for once

Worry so much about the "hero" being woke that you forget to make a good movie.

With Wonder Woman 2017 still being undoubtedly the best (or at least most tolerable) thing to come out of this notorious trend so far - xandermartin98

I know I already have much lower choices on this list to vote for to be higher on this list, but people should not have a negative opinion on diversity, female empowerment (and empowerment in general) or different races than white. Maybe I was missing the point and you people actually honor these kinds of people who stand for that. Maybe not. But even I am aware of when things get SJW-pandering, like in Beauty and the Beast (2017) from the same director that gave us Teitard (I mean both the franchise and its whiny, edgy fandom of anti-egalitarianists).

Even though I loved Black panther,I know the real reason it got so much praise..aside from being AWESOME - Flutters-

2 Give it a super-preachy moral/political message for Tumblr to never EVER shut up about

LMAO while reading this. Great list by the way. Funny and true at the same time - Joeljohns249

good point - MRRANDOM

€śWhat do you MEAN, killing every white person on Earth is a bad idea?! ” - Kanye West- I mean- Killmonger, Black Panther - xandermartin98

Black Panther doesn't have a preachy message. It's been out for decades, created by the late, great Stan Lee who was white. - RobertWisdom


Wait, were we talking about Ralph Breaks the Internet with its overlying "men s*ck" message?

3 Make the entire movie “fan-service incarnate”

Combine with "give it a super-preachy moral/political message" (another item on this list) and you've got "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

Ironically, of Ready Player One's MANY horribly crippling problems, this one is actually far and away the worst, to put it LIGHTLY - xandermartin98

But this won't actually make it more overrated for anyone over 10

This should be #1.

4 Overhype it

Surprised this isn't Top 3 at least. - truckturner

5 Give it a unique and charming visual style (usually to hide its extremely shallow and naive plot) so that critics will harp about how much of a “gorgeous work of art” it is

As ridiculously beautiful as the film most certainly is indeed, I must say:

(cough, Spirited Away, cough)
Hate to say it, but Iron Giant as well - xandermartin98

AKA-Roma (and any other POS leftist fairy art house films out there)
-It ain't about being masculinity, I just see bad films as bad films, the movie was made for critics to love (I don't need a five minute opening scene of running water and dog crap to get a 'message'), also I don't like superhero movies FYI (A bit overrated if you ask me) - RustyNail

I respect your opinion, but Roma was the best film of 2018, and I would say the best Spanish language film since Pan's Labyrinth. I surmise you haven't seen it, so you don't really have any grounds for your "criticism".
I urge you to watch it (it's on Netflix), but if your masculinity is so frail that you can't even watch a movie without superheroes, that's cool too. - xPorkless

Cough cough disney - MRRANDOM

Example: The Emoji Movie. - MChkflaguard_Yt

6 Make at least one of the characters die and/or almost die in a sudden tragic plot twist



7 Base it off of one of the most successful books and/or most famous historical events of all time

Pretty sure that Titanic ticks both boxes - xandermartin98

8 Be an extremely famous director and/or part of an extremely famous studio when making it

I'm looking at you, almost everything ever made by a certain greedy mouse or any of his sub-divisions/acquisitions. - PerfectImpulseX

The Lilo & Stitch movies and Frozen were great though.
I'm also actually looking forward to Frozen 2 as well. - PerfectImpulseX

Didn't read far enough to get this voted. - errrr

9 Be Something Made by Either Pixar, Disney, or Marvel

Every Marvel movie is the same thing but just with a different plot and characters. - MemeTheKeem

Marvel always steals the spotlight - Neonco31

10 Make it a pretentious pseudo-philosophical action movie cleverly disguised as a psychological thriller

Because The Dark Knight was the movie Batman deserved...but not the movie that DC needed to make every single one of its other movies try to copy just for the pure sake of it - xandermartin98

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11 Add Nicholas Cage



12 Make it completely shameless meme material

Despite already being about memes, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" still spawned at least two obnoxious ones in itself: the "what kind of princess are you" scene and the pancake bunny.

Wouldn't that be any popular movie, I mean it is the audience that creates the memes, if a lot of people watched and enjoyed the movie there will be a lot of memes - germshep24

The easiest choices require the weakest wills - xandermartin98

Jesus black panther again! - MRRANDOM

13 Make a live action remake of an already iconic animated movie

Don't forget to do for it what "Hamilton" did for actual American history as far as casting

Even "better", make absolutely sure the remake appeals to "modern sensibilities" (euphemism for for being Tumblr-woke/totally SJW friendly), and make absolutely sure the audience is aware of it. Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast", anyone?

I'm looking at you, every live-action movie based on a animated Disney film...
Yeesh! - PerfectImpulseX

The Lifeless Lion King - xandermartin98

14 Make it deliberately go against every single one of the corporate modern-day movie trends that critics hate (gaudy and over-produced CGI visual effects, convoluted mazes of storylines, blatant Mary Sue characters with no souls, et cetera)

Often results in absolutely PHENOMENAL movies, however, such as (despite how obnoxiously overrated Radiohead itself is) Suspiria 2018 - xandermartin98

15 Load it with "timely" messages and references

Disney being a repeat offender over the last couple years

Ralph Breaks the Internet, Zootopia, The Emoji Movie...

16 Make It an LGBT/ #metoo Movie

Not really, not many will go see it - germshep24

17 Make it a sequel to a prior successful movie, even if the plot doesn't really work with the previously established characters or universe

Four words: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation do this quite a bit but they are both still great movies though.
And yes, I know that they and the rest of the Nanoha movies take place in a different continuity from other Nanoha-related media but... - PerfectImpulseX

18 Obsess over it everywhere

One of the easiest ways - darthvadern

19 Overplay It

A Christmas Story 24-Hour Marathon everyone. I mean, I respect A Christmas Story and all, but seriously?! A Christmas Story marathon every year?! - OnyxDash

It's a Wonderful Life, one of the most boring Christmas movies and yet is talked about being the best simply because no one licensed the movie making it essentially free to play on air, which Mr. Turner took to mean play on repeat every christmas for the best 5 decades - germshep24

20 Feature a "gay coded" character

The Lyrical Nanoha franchise isn't entirely a movie franchise per say but it has "gay coded"/LGBT characters and it's awesome. - PerfectImpulseX

I.e. a character who has no spouse or obvious love interest, yet something about them (like living up to a stereotype, their story "resembling" a "coming out" story, or being "too close" to a friend or even sibling of the same gender) screams "LGBTQ" to those who look for it. Examples: Shank and Yes from "Ralph Breaks the Internet", Pleakly from "Lilo & Stitch", Clawhouser from "Zootopia", or Elsa from "Frozen".

Ironically this actually sets BACK the LGBTQ movement

21 Put Brat Pitt as a Protagonist
22 Make It A Super Hero Movie
23 Remake an already popular movie but with a more "woke" cast

2016 Ghostbusters, anyone?

24 Cast Gal Gadot in It
25 Cast a Famous Sports Person or Singer in It


You mean like Space Jam?

26 Pander to SJWs

Disney has be VERY bad about this over the last few years, with all their major outlets (animated movies, Marvel, and Star Wars).

27 Have It Become a World Wide Success

Avengers: Endgame, enough said. - PerfectImpulseX

28 Make Sure the Director is Christopher Nolan or JJ Abrams

Oh yeah that super overrated movie Memento - xPorkless

29 Make Multiple Teasers for the Movie but Don't Show the Main Trailers at All

This will make more people want to see the movie.

30 Make Toys of the Characters for McDonalds
31 Cast Jennifer Aniston in It

What is it about this woman? She just plays her "Friends" character over and over.

32 Add Diversity

Diversity=genocide - Murphdog405

33 Feature a Same-Sex Couple

Face it, had "Brokeback Mountain" not featured a gay couple (ergo been seen as "groundbreaking"), it would've been long forgotten and decried as not Oscar-worthy. You know, like most drama romance films.

All it takes to make a cliche ridden romance flick the best thing ever(TM) is make both leads the same gender. Having a gay or lesbian couple in the background somewhere or as minor characters has the same effect.

The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Sailor Moon franchises say otherwise.
They both feature LGBT characters and they aren't too overrated at all (at least in my opinion).
However, to me, Steven Universe, The Loud House, and Adventure Time are all terrible shows though regardless of if they have LGBT characters or not. - PerfectImpulseX

34 Make the Story “touching”
35 Emphasize the gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation of someone involved in the movie

"Wonder Woman 2017 stars a woman and was directed by a woman" was all I heard in the weeks leading up to that film's release.

Like an actor, director, writer, or producer. And even if none of that affects the movie at all.

36 Make It a Two-Parter

Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers: Endgame, most final movies in YA novel-based franchises, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation all are examples of this kind of tactic. - PerfectImpulseX

37 Be a Netflix Original

This can also apply to most of their original series as well. - PerfectImpulseX

38 Portray Male Characters Negativity

Like a certain recent Disney flick?

39 Cast Idris Elba in it
40 Give it a heart-tugging ending

Because apparently that alone makes a movie great. It overshadows any other good things about a film, and somehow negates any bad things.

41 Add a One Hit Wonder Song to It
42 Cast Jennifer Lawrence
43 Release Garbage Merch
44 Over Hyping the Film with Trailers
45 Make endless sequels
46 Kill half the cast members

Again, Avengers: Infinity War, enough said. - PerfectImpulseX

47 An actor or director dies during or soon after production

Okay, this usually is not a *deliberate* occurrence, but let's be honest. How many people saw "Alice Through the Looking Glass" solely because it was Alan Rickman's last film? How much praise and Oscar buzz would have surrounded "The Dark Knight" were it not for the untimely death of Heath Ledger? Can't think of any specific examples right now, but I'm sure there are some movies that got popular because they were some prominent director's last.

48 Have a celeb voice a villain

I AM well aware that it's a rather low-hanging (purple) fruit of an example,

but Josh Brolin as Thanos in Avengers 3 and 4, enough said - xandermartin98

49 Load it with "spectacular" or "stunning" special effects
50 Emphasize an actor, director, writer, or producer's sociopolitical views

Even if said views aren't actually in the movie itself

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