Top 10 EastEnders Characters of All Time

Notch up your favorite EastEnders characters who were ever in the show.

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1 Phil Mitchell
2 Ronnie Mitchell Ronnie Mitchell Veronica Elizabeth "Ronnie" Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, played by Samantha Womack.

Great actress and needed a happy ending

The fact that Joey is above some of the best is dispicable.

3 Den Watts

The greatest, coolest & best landlord the soaps ever seen

The true Eastender Icon who managed to put Phil in his place without breaking sweat! Even death could not stop him returning to wreck more havoc. The "weak" bosse's who fired him in 2005 really messed up bad - his continuing feuds with the fat "right said fred" look-a-likes would have been legendary - shame!

4 Peggy Mitchell
5 Grant Mitchell

Phil and Sharon are right up there but their character was never better than when interacting Grant. Grant always brings so much life and excitement in every episode he is in!

6 Lauren Branning


Shes cute

7 Pat Evans

Fantastic character the original tart with a heart loved her

Pat is literally my all time favourite character followed closely by den watts I think she is brilliant she is different from when she started but not many characters can change their character and pull it off, she also has amazing earrings

8 Stacey Slater

By a mile the best actress in the show

Stacey is the best character in eastenders. due to her adapted role to bipolar disorder or to her many storylines she concorred she should be proud

She is the best and an amazing and inspiring actor. I love her bipolar storyline that taught me that bipolar can get that bad. Her family is nice and she drew my eyes to EastEnders ever since she came to EastEnders way back in 2004

9 Roxy Mitchell
10 Ian Beale

The Contenders

11 Tanya Branning

I am voting because I really love this actor and she is such a nice lady and she has been my favorite actor since I started watching this soap

She is a good character but not worthy enough to be in top ten let alone too five

12 Joey Branning

Pathetic,waste of space character doesn't deserve to be on any list

13 Sharon Rickman
14 Anthony Moon
15 Kat Slater

In my opinion the 2000's would be nothing without the slaters and the slater's would be nothing without Kat

16 Peter Beale
17 Zoe Slater
18 Sharon Watts
19 Pauline Fowler
20 Janine Butcher

Best baddie on ee

Their has been a lot of bitches in eastenders but by far she is my favourite I love her relationship with pat and her family. I also love Charlie brooks is amazing and I loved her in the jungle

21 Alfie Moon

How can you not love him he's cheeky, funny and a bit an idiot but in a nice way he also completes kat and do you really think it's a coincidence that kat goes on about her man in the moon and Alfie's name I'd Alfie MOON

22 Dennis Rickman

Good character in EastEnders, back when it was watchable!

I must have forgotten to rank him when I originally made this. He's my 2nd or 3rd favourite EastEnders character. He was only in it for two years so had a shirt run but it truly was an entertaining two years, every scene he was in was good. Superb and complex character. - JamesNicholls

Yeah he was great

He was a great character

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23 Michael Moon
24 Nick Cotton


25 Tyler Moon
26 Dot Branning

Why so low? She was there from the start! - Rocko

27 Pat Butcher
28 Mark Fowler

Bring this geeza back

29 Kat Moon
30 Michelle Fowler
31 Ben Mitchell

Charlie Jones was bad at acting but Pascoe was cool and had better portrayal of Ben.

32 Frank Butcher
33 Sharon Mitchell
34 Linda Carter
35 Cindy Beale
36 Whitney Dean
37 Tiffany Mitchell
38 Kathy Beale
39 Mick Carter

I love Mick! A real family man. He's lovely! - Britgirl

40 Melanie Owen
41 Denise Fox
42 Lou Beale

A traditional English Eastend matriarch!

43 Angie Watts
44 Shirley Carter
45 Jamie Mitchell
46 Abi Branning
47 Susan "Honey" Mitchell
48 Jack Branning
49 Kim Fox
50 Jay Brown
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