Top 10 Eastenders Vixens

The Top Ten Eastenders Vixens

Janine Butcher

Ultimate vixen!

Baddest Girl to ever walk on the sqaure got a way with 3 murders abanded by her father as a child prostitution,drugs,marrying older men for money and bumping people off the sqaure,homeless billionaire to business women. She is the crazy bitch to ever walk on albert Sqaure that's why she is number 1. And you be sorry if you have janine as your wife. - Subs1997

Chrissie Watts

She was one of the biggest characters of the time. - Subs1997

From one black widow to another she murderd dirty then berried him under the queen vic sella trying frame both sam and zoe. So lets take a look at her jorney chrissie arrives in april looking for den who selled there bar and done a runner with her money and put it in a club angies den. So as time flys den the dirty scumbag has his eye on anything the moves sleeping with chrissie's friend Kate Mitchell and chrissie give her a haircut of her life. So anyway lets get back after dens muder she had so many catfights with Sam Mitchell been blackmailed by her to keep shut about zoe. So on sharron and dennis's wedding day sam dug up den and did everything to try get away been punched by sharon in the airport had an anoying cell mate in prison she just went crazy trying to get out I remember her last words against sharon. EVERY SINGLE GRUBBY LITTLE HOE HE HAD EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN WALFORD WHO KNOWS ANYTBING ABOUT HIM I WANT CALLED IN MY DEFFENCE. so shes talking revenge on sharon so you never ...more - Subs1997

Dr May Wright
Stella Crawford

Evil Step Mother From hell that you don't want to wish to have no wonder why ben is so messed up stella was sadist and creapy well at the end ben spoke up and stell got her comupance at the end by jumping off a bulding. - Subs1997

Babe Smith

Speaking of evil and sadist I haven't even fully started. With evil Babe Smith she will act like everyones friend but she is nothing then a horible spirtful cold hearted bitch. The mount of people she upset on the sqaure from bullying her ill oldery sister to putting words into a young girls head by makeing her sleep with someone else well fakeing a pregnancy. And then worst of all black mailing an oldery couple and kiddnapping young pregnant girls and selling there babbies. So do not try one of her toxic tryfulls. - Subs1997

Sarah Cairms

Self obbessive madly in love girl she had her eye on poor Martin Fower she stalked him pushed his mother off a ladder and beat her self up to get martin put away and allso stabbed him when he got in the way when she was trying go for Sonia who then wacks her on the head with a Fruit Bowl. Then she was never seen again. - Subs1997

Abi Branning

We seen Abi Going more and more loppy over the years. There was once a sweet little girl abi but that was a whole new person. From beating Lucy Beale And Stacey Slater to Stalking Her Sister Lauren to Helping Frameing Her Own Father For Lucy's Murder Abi Become Ond Hell Of A Bitch then Fakeing a Pregnancy to keep hold of a man sleeping with her sisters best friends fella to then sleeping with her sisters fella and helping him fake an illness all hell broke loss everything went pair shaped for the brannings. - Subs1997

Clair Bates

One gold Digging bitch you don't want to catch your eye on because she will put a spell on any when she steped bash as long as they had a big wallet she do anything to get a rich man and then flee them and work on her next. - Subs1997

Cindy Beale

It was Horrible of hows she treated ian by cheating on him twice and try even mudering him. And allso tried getting her kids back after all the trouble she coursed she had wha came to her at the end. - Subs1997

Becca Swanson

Self Obsessive lesbian who had some kind of a werid crush on stacey and would do anything to keep stacey away from her family and friends allso was responable of bradley dying by calling the police we first met this women in a mental home and that's she allso tried to convince stacey to come off her meds and when jean found out about wha becca did all hell broke lose stacey confronts her and slaps her one then she throws bradleys ashes on stacey and then just packs her bags and leaves and that's last we say of her. - Subs1997

The Contenders

Dotty Cotton

The New Janine - Subs1997

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