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1 115 (Kino der Toten)

Why wasn't this song on the radio?

When this plays it makes the game just that more intense! When it's over it so quiet like somthing is missing...115 completes kino.

This song sets the mood and every time it comes on it ups my game.

I absolutely love this song. Really fits with the game and its fun to kill zombies to. - MetalFoREVer1228

2 Abracadavre (Ascension)

Best song by far for zombies gameplay! It fits really well with the mood of zombies and really gets the pace of zombies going! Every time I activate the easter egg with friends, I get hyped up and really alters the way I play in some shape or form.

Wow, just wow. I wanted to find all the teddies to see if I would get an achievement but I got something way better. During the song I was so pumped it seemed like the zombies had become weak against mine and my friend's bullets not to mention no one fell down until the song ended and the song fit perfectly with the theme and pace of the game.

This should be number one because it took the simple, forgetable, yet creepy piano keys from the main Zombies menu and turned it into an unbelievable and surprisingly badass heavy metal song! This is the best!

1) Ascension

2) Mob of the Dead

3) Kino Der Toten

Absolutely exhilarating. I'll never forget the 1st time I ever heard this. Totally the best song the murder some freak bags with

3 Beauty of Annihilation (Der Riese)

It's literally amazing.


Love this one and the remix version of this song

By far the best song in my opinion, it has the most rock-like tune with amazing lyrics, instruments and the singer!

4 Not Ready To Die (Call of the Dead)

Avenged Sevenfold went all out for this song. And it goes really well with Call of the Dead - MetalFoREVer1228

This is my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song. I just wish it was on a different map like maybe moon

Amazing song from an amazing band. Feels amazing running around on high rounds with this song in the background.

I love this song it goes really well with my zombies, Minecraft, and roblox

5 Pareidolia (Shangri-La)

Should be #1

If you listen to the lyrics and the mood of the song, it actually seems creepy, and that's what I like about it!

It's just very cool song, and I love the piano part and the voice of the girl

I wish this song was on Spotify! I use it for background music when I play but it just kinda feels 'less' because some of the greatest zombies' songs(Pareidolia, The Gift, Dead Ended, etc..) can't be found on Spotify. :(

6 Lullaby for a Dead Man (Verrückt)

I think this is the song that plays in suffer with me in black ops 2 while shooting mason


7 The One (Shi No Numa)

I love this song! It’s so atmospheric, perfectly fitting with the tone of the map. The intro is awesome too.

Should be number one nice guitar in the background plus the darkness of the song really fits in with the map

This is the scariest song I ever heard

It sounds like oh NOOoooOOo

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8 Archangel (Origins)

The drumming is so stupidly insane. - xEJD-

It's just simply badass

There are so many references to Elena's other songs!

The bass of this song is awesome

9 Won't Back Down (Five)

Eminem is on Call of Duty. Could it be better?

Eminem is beast in this song and PINK!

Surprised this isn't further up the list, rocking this song on defcon 5 with a buddy on the lower complex is a blast.

10 Always Running (Buried)

Should be number 3

Absolutely amazing, it really fits with the implied mood of buried, as Buried was supposed to be the end of it all.
And if you're a musician, you'll be mesmerized by the chord progression! The only time in my life so far that I've heard an augmented chord used legitimately in a song!

The best song out of all these others in my opinion. It’s the fact that it both starts slow and feels like it’s built up but the speed has been there all along.

The Contenders

11 Nightmare (Moon)

It surprised me to hear this song on Moon. A really good song for this map. - MetalFoREVer1228

Dude this song is sick

Its awsom to hear this song on moon with some Dempsey quotes

12 Coming Home (Moon)

Really heavy metal! Has one one of the greatest riffs I've ever heard! Love this song!

13 Shepherd of Fire (Origins)

Perfect, suits the best map in Zombies.

Just an amazing song

Legit song avenged sevenfold is really cool

14 Dead Again (Der Eisendrache)


A mix of everything that made zombies songs so good and also by Elena SIegman which brings back the nostalgia of Black ops 1 zombies.

Listened to this more than any other songs, it is just amazing with the nostalgia and it has the perfect blend of screaming and singing not to mention pace.

Reminds me of 115 on Kino in a good way, and it is amazing to play during the guitar solos.

15 We All Fall Down (Die Rise)

This song never fails to pump me up when playing die rise, very awesome!

16 Where Are We Going (Mob of the Dead)

This song ignites the feeling of being trapped and helpless. Perfectly compliments the map and Zombies and general. Also, the BotD remix is amazing.

When I watched the blood of the dead trailer it brought a tear to my eye

I thought this would be top ten. I think this is one of the most under-rated songs on black ops 2

Very calm and refreshing to a zombie experience. Gives a motivational feel when it is activated

17 Carrion (Green Run)

Clarke was really good on this and deserved more acknowledgement in terms of how he did.

The only thing that I actually liked about Tranzit.

Such a bad map, but the sond is probably my favourite, well, between this one and 115

Tranzit is good stop hating on it you just have to know how to play it hell I like tranzit better than buried yeah I said it my bo2 rankings are this
2)mob of the dead
5)die rise
6)buried - stoner69

18 Undone (Nacht der Untoten)

An awesome instrumental that's really easy to activate. It's only in the black ops version though. - MetalFoREVer1228

19 Rusty Cage (Mob of the Dead)

Great song nice old feel to it makes it feel like real prison rather no other song than it

It's fun to listen to it when you are using a executioner to kill the zombies with

Who would have imagined a Johnny Cash song on a zombie map? - MetalFoREVer1228

20 The Gift (Revelations)

The gift is so beautiful, how is it not #1.

This song is such a beautiful closing to the Zombie maps and songs. Themes and sounds pulled from songs to create a masterpiece

The Gift really puts you in a mood, mixed with sadness, anger, fear, while slaying hordes with the Estoom-Oh. It blends all those emotions into one beautiful song that puts an end to the DLC season ( besides Zombies Chronicles)

Beginning, touches my heart. The rest is just awesome. I have no words

21 Snakeskin Boots (Shadows of Evil)

Its got that beautiful classic feel to it.


22 Dead Ended

I love the screaming in the background and the repetition of "Destroy and create."

I wish this song was on Spotify!

My favorite

23 Dead Flowers (Zetsubou No Shima)

A change of pace in easter egg songs, it is also a very fit song for the map it is on

Ummm, this is one of the only songs that isn't heavy metal and it truly fits the more mellow feelings of the map. Please Treyarch do more songs just like this!

24 I'mma Try It Out (Skrillex)

This isn't in zombies you idiot its in plaza which isn't a multiplayer map also in the campaign on the mission karma but once again not in zombies who put this here.

For me the best songs. I'm sad because Treyarch make it out

25 Dead Ended (Gorod Krovi)
26 Mad Hatter (IX)

Better than some of the ones above

Once again, A7X really fits in well with slaying zombies, love all of their songs

27 Clockwork Squares
28 Stormbound (Ancient Evil)

Metal, Sick and Emotional at the same time, what more could you ask for?

29 Slight Chance of Zombies (Dead Ops Arcade)
30 Mystery (Dead of the Night)

Really captures the essence of Elena and Kevin's classics.

31 Call of the Dead


32 Carry on (Transit)

It’s a shame they didn’t keep this in tranzit and instead used carrion - Avenged Sevenfold really do make awesome songs for zombies! I’m glad it was still featured in the credits!

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1. Abracadavre (Ascension)
2. Pareidolia (Shangri-La)
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1. 115 (Kino der Toten)
2. Not Ready To Die (Call of the Dead)
3. Won't Back Down (Five)
1. Lullaby for a Dead Man (Verrückt)
2. Archangel (Origins)
3. Shepherd of Fire (Origins)

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