Top 10 Easter Eggs/Secrets in Pokemon Games

The Top Ten Easter Eggs/Secrets in Pokemon Games

1 You aren't the one - Pokemon X and Y

Who IS this chick?

2 Missingno. Silhouette - Pokemon X and Y
3 Hey, listen! - X and Y

Referencing Navi from TLOZ - Pokemonfan10

4 One does not simply walk into a Mirage Spot. - Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

References a meme. - Pokemonfan10

5 Too Much Water - Sun and Moon

References a IGN review - Pokemonfan10

6 Alolan Raichu vs. Surfing Pikachu - Sun and Moon
7 My Body Is Ready! - Sun and Moon

Referencing Reggie. - Pokemonfan10

8 Youngster Ben - Literally every game so far
9 Mew Truck - Fire Red and Leaf Green

Lava Cookies anyone? - Pokemonfan10

10 Pikachu as your starter - Pokemon GO
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