Top 10 Easy Ways to Figure Out What Metal Subgenre You Are Listening To

I made this list for fun but if you think the list also represents correctly some trends, that would be great.

The Top Ten

1 There are dragons - power metal or folk metal

I made a list "Top 10 Metal Albums with Dragons on the Cover". Most of them are power metal albums. - Metal_Treasure

There are dragons in the lyrics, band name, album cover. - Metal_Treasure

2 The singer is really very angry - thrash metal or groove metal
3 Music is really very fast - speed metal or thrash metal

+ power metal - it can be very fast, too. - Metal_Treasure

4 Music is not good - nu metal or rap metal

There are good nu-metal bands, like koRn, Slipknot, Ill NiƱo, etc. - UndisputedLunatic

5 The song is longer than 8 minutes - prog metal, symphonic metal or power metal
6 There are violins or /and accordions - folk metal
7 There are keyboards or /and piano - prog metal, symphonic metal or power metal
8 The singer is very good and only moderately angry - traditional heavy metal

Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford... - Metal_Treasure

9 You don't hear clearly the lyrics - death metal, black metal, or a subgenre with the words 'core', 'gore' or 'grind'
10 The singer is a female - symphonic metal or gothic metal

Okay, this is a little sexist. There's a one-woman black metal band, the vocalist of Cerebral Bore, which is death metal, is female, there's female members of deathcore bands like Make Them Suffer or Winds of Plague, etc. - Metalhead1997

The Contenders

11 The best vocals you have ever heard - power metal
12 You don't know the meaning of many words - prog metal

Yes, my first prog metal song was Artcell's Oniket Prantor. I used to listen the song whole day. I even memorized the lyrics. But I couldn't understand the lyrics of the song. Though I was very young, but still it was more complicated than most other songs. - zxm

13 There is blood - thrash or death metal
14 The music it too complicated and mathematical to understand - prog metal
15 Groovy with a bit of blues tinge - traditional heavy metal

I didn't add this. I'm not sure it's true. Traces of blues are found only in some proto-metal songs of the 70s. Or bands mistakenly called metal. Or non-metal songs by metal bands.
Bands that currently play traditional heavy metal (heavy metal) don't have any blues. If there's blues, it's hard rock. - Metal_Treasure

16 Solos are very long - Progressive Metal

At one point I though why these solos are never ending solos. - zxm

+ Neo-classical solos. - Metal_Treasure

17 Fantasy Lyrics - Power Metal

Yes, I definitely agree with this. Thanks to whoever added it. - Metal_Treasure

18 The riffs are really slow and ominous - Doom Metal
19 The song sounds like your record player is running in x0.5 - Doom Metal
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1. There are dragons - power metal or folk metal
2. The singer is really very angry - thrash metal or groove metal
3. Music is really very fast - speed metal or thrash metal


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