Top 10 Easy Ways to Piss Off Americans

I'm an American myself and allow me to say, Americans are really easy to piss off.

The Top Ten Easy Ways to Piss Off Americans

1 Be really racist
2 Make fun of America

This is a big one almost every American will get mad if someone insults or makes fun of America.

3 Sing a song in the worst voice possible as loud as you can

This can be done from any music genre but in a really irritating voice really loudly not specifically metal.

"No I mean in an irritating voice loudly." Repeat: Business as usual for most of what is labeled "metal."

You mean like metal.

But it's metal's modus operandi. Standard operating procedure. Business as usual. Capice?

No I mean in a like irritating voice loudly, say I sing something like Rap God in a annoying voice loudly it isn't always Metal nuisance.

4 Make really terrible puns or unfunny jokes
5 Drive really slowly 

True. My Dad can get really pissed off when there's that elderly person driving as slow as a slug on the road. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Misspell the easiest words to spell
7 Mispronounce the simplest words
8 Call them Mexican
9 Call them Donald Trump

My friends and I, we always insult each other with the rudest things we can possibly think of for fun.My friend called me trump and I was actually offended. - AnonymousChick

10 Not do what is asked of you at work

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11 Judge religion

I don't judge religion but when people do a lot of Americans aren't well too mirth about it.

12 Joke About 9/11

So true..

13 Spit in someone's face when they're talking


14 Joke about something serious
15 Disrespect the U.S. Flag

This. I've seen cars that have an American flag bumper sticker but it's turned upside down (on purpose of course. and don't tell me they don't know what the U.S. flag looks like. Bull crap). Pisses me off big time. Like, you're here in our country, enjoying what it has to offer and you don't even have enough decency to respect us? Get out then, if you hate America so much.

16 Claim they have an accent
17 Joke about the holocaust

You'll get instant death threats.

18 Give them a spelling test and grade them "F" for American English.
19 Insult any aspect of the country

I’ve lived in America all my life, though most of my friends live outside of the country. I’ve learned that when you insult any aspect of the country, that we don’t agree with; will end up with you on the ground with a black eye. I get that people don’t like that we call ourself “Americans” we’ve been called this for over 200 years we can’t change it. We do respect those from the rest of North and South America, they just have names that they can be called by. I know that we voted for Trump but we don’t want him here. Say that we’re “American” or we have no culture. I’m Native American, Egyptian and Tanzanian, I’m actually an American; the other half is African. If you say we have no culture I will show you a world map and point to all 6 inhabited continents and oceanic countries and say “this is our culture, it’s yours as well”. The stereotypes that we are all fat and ignorant will seriously get you hit. I for one have learned about world history in ...more

20 Tell them how you really feel when asked "how are you today?"
21 State something stupidly obvious

Now this really pisses me off

22 Be vegan and constantly tell everyone
23 Be an antivax parent
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