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1 Cool Kids

Disagree this is the reason why they are underrated people think they are annoying thanks to this song wish could come popular with another song of the ten - Enricc1

2 Come Together
3 Talking Dreams
4 Bright

This song was the second song I listened to after Cool Kids - obvioulsy - so I was still new to Echosmith then and its still one of my favorites :) and the chorus is just bae with all the solar system references!

I first heard this song on my way to astronomy class, and I loved it ever since.

I love the astronomy references it's a great and beautiful song! - booklover24

5 Let's Love
6 March Into the Sun
7 Safest Place

Only underrated here because people don't listen to anything other than "Cool Kids" and "Bright". This is, musically, probably their best and catchiest song (along with "Come With Me").

8 Come With Me
9 Nothing's Wrong
10 Tell Her You Love Her

This song is so amazing. It's full of love and hope and it's so calm

I love this song!

The Contenders

11 Ran Off In the Night
12 Surround You
13 Dear World
14 Goodbye
15 Lessons
16 Illusion
17 Get Into My Car
18 Future Me - Echosmith
19 Hungry
20 18
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1. Cool Kids
2. Talking Dreams
3. Come Together
1. Safest Place
2. Come With Me
3. Come Together
1. Cool Kids
2. Talking Dreams
3. Come Together

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