Spark's Album Reviews: "Talking Dreams" by Echosmith

Echosmith: what do you think of when you think of them?Probably their first (and so far, only) top 20 hit, “Cool Kids”. People sureseemed to like that one, but does the rest of their debut album hold up as well?Let’s find out.

“Come Together”
Right out of the gate, the album starts off with aguitar-heavy, sweeping, synthfest. An it’s pretty good. Sidney’s vocals, whilea little nasal at times, mostly carry through the entire thing with no problem.The guitars are better than I expected, and the keyboard compliments everythingwithout taking over. The lyrics are kind of cliché, but that’s ok. The onlyproblem I have here is that it runs about a minute longer than it needs to.

“Let’s Love”
This happy, fast paced tune is packed to the brim with guitars,heavy drumbeats, and Sidney’s carefree vocals. And it all works beautifully.This perfectly captures what it’s like to be in love: fast-paced, happy, andall over a little too quickly. This deliciously catchy track keeps me wantingto hear it over and over again.

“Cool Kids”
Fun Fact: I bought this song for my I-Pod on Christmas Eve,2014. And it was only the third song I’d ever reviewed. If my memory is correct,the review gave nothing but glowing praise, and now, two years later, that hasn’tchanged a bit. This somber, yet hopeful number is everything you want:emotional delivery, catchy guitars and keyboards, and almost poetic lyrics.This is a masterpiece, and no, I’m not joking,

“March Into The Sun”
Well, that was…interesting. While I’ll give It points forthe guitar-filled, joyful chorus, this just doesn’t do it for me. It starts offwith a kind of irritating hand clap followed by an “uh-oh-oh”. And I don’t likethe way the word on” is repeated over and over. It’s certainly emotional, and Ilike the vocals, but this is not one of their better songs.

“Come With Me”
This…this is amazing. The plucky guitars, chimes, violins,guitars, and drums all come together without ever getting in the way of oneanother. Sidney’s on-point, emotion-filled vocals almost beg the song’s subjectto come run away with her, and I’d be happy too at any minute.


Spoiler alert: this is another 10/10. The strumming guitars,backing vocals, and cello are perfect with Sidney’s joyful vocals. The lyricsactually impress me here. What else is there to say? I have nothing but praisefor this masterpiece.


“Talking Dreams”
This song makes me sad, and I have no idea why. It’s abright, happy track about living wild and crazy. I love the guitars here,especially the solo at the bridge, but some of the rhymes in the lyrics are abit forced and the repeating ‘oooohs” in the chorus are kind of annoying. Butstill, this is pretty good.

“Tell Her You Love Her”
This has several very strong things going for it, likeSidney’s longing vocals and the heartfelt lyrics. It also has some kinda badthings about it, like the irritating sound of the drumsticks being hit togetherin the verses. I’m also not a fan of the “ohs” on the chorus. However, the “runaway” part is haunting beautiful. This is almost perfect.

“Ran Off In The Night”
Another song about running away…this time in the night. Thistrack feels like a less complete version of “Come With Me” … I’m pretty surethey recycled a few of the lyrics as well. The chorus is very repetitive, andSidney sounds meh. I’ll give it points for its sweet guitars though.


“Nothing’s Wrong”
This is a confusing song. While guitars are good, and thechimes add a sweet touch this needed, I’m not entirely sure what this song’sabout. Our generation can’t stop walking? Is it a metaphor for living tooquickly? I don’t know. The heavy “ah-ooms” on the bridge are weird and out ofplace. This could have used a little more tweaking.

“Safest Place”
I know this is supposed to be inspirational, but I find thissong depressing for some reason. But that’s not a bad thing, as this is great.Sidney’s vocals soar from high to low, backed by a thumping beat and subduedguitars. If this didn’t make me sad for some reason, it would get a full 10.

“Surround You”
And lastly, for the album’s closing number, a sweet,carefree tune about how much in love two people are. I on;t understand why itgoes from fast to slow to fast again, or why there’s some “ah-ooms” on thebridge, but I don’t care because this is a touching, moving masterpiece withenough emotion packed into it to bring a biker to tears. This is everything youwant in a love song.


BEST SONGS: Let’s Love, Cool Kids, Come With Me, Bright,Surround You

FINAL GRADE: 102/120 (B)

Echosmith has a lot of potential. If their next album canlive up to the amazing songs on this one, we’re all in for a real treat.


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