Best Ed, Edd N Eddy Voice Actors

The Top Ten

Kathleen Barr

Voice of Kevin and Marie Kanker. Ironic, she voices both my LEAST favorite character (Kevin), AND my favorite character (Marie). Though Kevin is not the most likable, she absolutely nailed the role, and was a perfect fit for Marie to the point where she wouldn't be the same if she had a different actress.

Erin Fitzgerald

Voice of May Kanker and Nazz. She nailed both roles.

Sam Vincent

Voice of Edd/Double D. He has one of the best vocal ranges.

Tony Sampson

Voice of Eddy

Matt Hill

Voice of Ed

Peter Kelamis

Voice of Rolf. This guy really can act.

Janyse Jaud

Voice of Lee Kanker and Sarah

David Paul Grove

Voice of Johnny

Terry Klassen

Voice of Eddy's brother

Keenan Christenson

Voice of Jimmy

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